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Thursday, July 31, 2008

All About Me

The title of this post sounds more self-centered than I wanted, but it gets the point across. I use this blog mostly as a way to share pictures of Tyson and update everyone on what is going on with us in general. As we have recently celebrated Tyson's first birthday, I have been reflecting on how I have changed over this past year as well, and today I wanted to share a little update on how I am doing.
Let's see...where to start? How about with facts. A year to the day of having my sweet son, I have officially lost all of my pregnancy weight, and then some. I weigh 5 pounds less than the day I found out I was pregnant, which I believe calls for a huge whooo Hooooo!!! Anyway, despite the weight being gone, I am still adjusting to having a post-pregnancy body. Things just aren't the same as before! I am slowly coming to accept that fact and have realized that is just part of the whole process. With that being said, I am definitely geared up to trying to commit to being more healthy overall, thus the new running plan. I am proud to announce that I have stuck with my running since I started a week or two ago and have been going 2 or 3 nights a week. I am feeling better already, and hate to admit that I somewhat enjoy myself and look forward to going. It helps that I have found a running buddy which makes the task more enjoyable for sure. Thanks Angie! I am also walking with Tyson about 45 minutes to an hour a day, but that is more to get out of the house than for exercise! Being pregnant and then nursing almost a year really takes a lot out of you, and I finally feel like I am getting back into my groove now.

I am sure the next thing everyone is wondering is when will we be wanting the next little Orbison cutie? The answer to that is whenever God blesses us with one:) I learned with Tyson that none of that is in my control, so I am not expecting the next one to be either. Do I have plans and ideas about when I want it to be? Of course. But I know that plans don't always go the way you want and things tend to work out better when you just go with the flow. I guess the best I can give you is that we definitely want more little ones at some point:)

I think it is pretty sad that it takes me so long to adjust to things, but being a mom is everything I wanted and nothing like I expected it to be. It is really hard for me to be at home some days, as I am very task oriented and a neat freak. If I try to measure my success as a mother by my usual standards, then I feel like a huge failure on a daily basis. I get almost nothing done during the day (Silas will tell you I get tons done, but I usually don't feel that way!) and the house is always a wreck (again, according to my perfectionist standards.) But I am blessed at the end of the day to have a wonderful husband who reminds me of all the ways I have been successful in caring for our son and nurturing his growth in every way. Though I may not see the tangible results of my efforts immediately, I am coming to see them in the little ways when I take the time to sit and really watch all the things my little boy can do. Though my home may not always be in tip top shape like I want, I am learning to enjoy, OK tolerate, some of the mess, do the things that are important, and let the ones that aren't go.
I absolutely adore being a mother, though have at times struggled with trying to balance my drive to be busy outside the home with work and being at home tending to managing our lives. I am happy to be working only one day a week, though it is hard to switch gears and go back and forth from mommy to professional at times. Again, I know this will get better with time as I learn how to prioritize better and settle in. I am just thankful for my job situation and my ability to do what I want when I want to for the most part!
Moving and searching for a new church home has really taken me out of my comfort zone and forced me to stretch and grow in so many ways. I feel like I have really had to examine my faith and bring to the front what I believe and why I believe it. Though not always a fun process, I feel like I have a better understanding of what I believe and the direction Silas and I are going, in regards to raising our son in a Christian family. I am excited for the opportunities at our new church to get involved and really be active.

Looking back over this last year, there have been so many changes, and major ones at that. I am proud to say that while I may not always be in the best shape, I have weathered whatever storms have come my way, thanks to the help and prayers of many!!! While I have not always been able to say this and truthfully mean it, I can say without a doubt that I am living the life I have always dreamed of. I have my struggles on a daily basis, but this life is more than I could have ever imagined. I am working on appreciating it on a daily basis, which is not always easy:) I am so thankful for my family, both immediate and extended. I am so grateful to have such a steady and gentle husband who is able to see the best in me and love me unconditionally through all of my faults. I am thankful for a healthy and happy little boy who makes my day better just because he is in it. I am thankful to serve a mighty God who is in control so I don't have to be.
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Tyson Rhodes Update

I went to Searcy today to take Tyson to his 12 month check-up. Even though he had to get 4 shots, he handled them like a tough guy and barely cried. His little purple band-aids on his legs were so cute. He seems to be feeling pretty good for now, so hopefully no adverse effects from the shots. I have been anxiously awaiting his stats, and they came as no surprise.

Height: 31.5 inches tall (95th percentile)
Weight: 25 lbs and 5 ozs. (75-90th percentile)

I forgot what his head circumference was, but it was normal. Overall they said he is a super healthy and perfectly developing little boy:) He is a pretty tall kid for his age too. The doctor was impressed at how well behaved he was and how friendly he is with strangers. I think he got all of the stranger anxiety out of his system early on! Anyway, he is doing great and does not have to go back for another well child check-up until his next birthday, so we get a nice long break! Here are some pictures from this weekend.

I love the concentration on his face as he works to move his little school bus!
My family:)
This is the best picture I have so far of Tyson's newest accomplishment.....WALKING! He has been taking 1 or 2 steps for a few weeks now, but he started doing about 4 or 5 the end of the week last week and is working on becoming a pro now! He definitely does the drunken sailor walk, which is so cute:) He also looks a little like Frankenstein, because he puts his arms straight out in front of him to balance and teeters around!!! I have had so much fun just sitting around and watching him learn this new skill. My baby walks! I am one proud mama:)
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Memphis Zoo

I decided to take Tyson to the Memphis zoo last week and we went with a friend of mine, Haley and her little boy Chase. Haley watches Tyson on Wednesdays so I can work, so the boys get plenty of time to hang out together. Though it was probably not the best idea to go on an outdoor adventure in the middle of July, we survived and had a good time! Tyson missed his morning nap, but was able to hang in there once we arrived and was really good while we were there. We started off with the feeding of the sea lions, which Tyson could have cared less about! I'm not even sure he knew what we were looking at since we were up on the top row! He liked the other animals, as much as a one year old can! I think he will be much more interested next summer once he knows a little more about what is going on. We had a good time walking around, despite the mid-day heat, and enjoyed a picnic lunch together. Then it was back in the car for the boys to nap on the ride home. I was even able to get Ty back to sleep in his bed once we got home since he was so tired:) I think we will be waiting til the fall or next year to go back, when the weather is nicer and Tyson is older and can enjoy it more. I am glad we went though, and am looking forward to going back:)

Even though he was sweating and exhausted, Tyson never passes up a chance to smile for the camera! That's my boy!
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Am I Thinking?

Something is wrong with me. I have decided to start jogging since last week. I have currently gone 2 miles. It has been at least two years since I have even attempted to run, so it is definitely a shock to the body. I am trying to take it nice and slow, just a mile at a time for now. I need new running shoes though. It will really help when they get the roads paved around my neighborhood so I can run on a flat surface. Right now it is more like trail running over bumps and mounds of dirt and rock! It still wouldn't be that bad if it weren't for the fact that I wait for the cover of darkness to go out. I am still not ready to be seen "jogging" yet! Plus it has cooled off to about 90 degrees by sundown, which is better than 100:) I haven't quite figured out why I decided to start this endeavor in the dead of summer. Maybe its because my whole life I would have to be out running all summer to train for soccer once school started back. It makes me feel old and young at the same time. I think I am liking it! I will let you know how it goes.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Tyson!

I apologize ahead of time if this gets sappy, but this little boy has me so wrapped around his finger it's not even funny:) As we have been celebrating the first year of Tyson's life today, I can't help but think about all the things that have happened over the past 12 months. My world has been forever changed, and in such a fabulous way! I thought I would write a little bit about what he is doing lately, more as a memento to him than anything else.
Tyson Rhodes Orbison,
You are absolutely, hands down the sweetest kid there is. During all of the months your daddy and I prayed to be blessed with children, I could not have ever begun to imagine how God would answer our prayers through you. Your life blesses us so much and in so many ways little one. From the very beginning of your life you have exhibited so much personality. The labor and delivery nurses were so sad they day we left the hospital to take you home, since you were one of their favorite babies to love on and cuddle. Dr. Moore warned me at your 2 week appointment that I would have my hands full, as you were so alert and lively! Boy was he right! You came into this world with those big brown eyes open and raring to go:) From the time you were little you have wanted to stand up and jump. Those little legs were always moving, and haven't stopped since. Thank goodness when you finally got big enough to enjoy your jump-a-roo!!! You gave that thing a run for its money for sure:) Your dad and I have loved every minute of watching you grow and learn new things. You are definitely a thinker. Those big eyes are always watching and never miss a thing. You are very good at new tasks when you try them since you have been carefully observing just how to do them before you try on your own. One of your favorite things to do is eat! You have loved food since your first bite of baby food and cereal, and continue to eat like a champ. You are always willing to try new things and love whatever mom and dad are having. Your smile is infectious. It is very rare that you are not grinning or laughing about something. The sound of your giggle makes my heart melt, and thankfully I get to hear it every day. Although it is not the most manly nickname, dad and I call you our little "sugar bear." You give the best sugar in the world! You have adapted well to every change we have made during your last 12 months. We have moved twice and both times you settled right into your groove in the new place. You love your crib and sleep so well in it. You continue to take 2 two hour naps a day, and sleep about 11 hours at night. I guess we are catching up from all those nights none of us got much sleep back in the beginning! I nursed you for 11 months and only quit when I got sick and had to be on medication. I think the change was harder for me than it was you. Like every other change in your life, you took it in stride and adjusted quickly. You are always the life of the party wherever we go. You have never met a stranger. It takes forever to shop in Walmart because I get stopped so many times by random people who have to comment on those big beautiful eyes and engaging personality! You have been described by others as a model child and the happiest kid ever:) I haven't decided yet if that is the result of good parenting or just your beautiful personality!!! You get so excited at the end of the day when you see your dad walk through the door. I love those moments when I get to step back and just watch the two of you together, laughing and playing. My favorite parts of the day are the times I get to hold you and rock you to sleep. You are always so content and peaceful. Then I can't wait for my next favorite part of the day when you wake up and I get to go into your room and see you standing up in your crib, smiling and bouncing up and down you are so excited!! You are so smart and busy. You love learning how to do new things, but sometimes get frustrated. When you start to fuss, dad just looks at you and says, "son, be a problem solver." You can usually figure out how to do what you want, but we are always there to help if you need it. You love to be held and kissed and loved on, and you get plenty of it! Daddy and I can't get enough of you most days! You love your bath time and playing in any kind of water. You are totally obsessed with wheels. You are crazy about all types of moving things with wheels, and could sit and spin them all day long. You have such a tender heart, even at this age. Many of the kids you play with are older and inevitably end up pulling your paci out of your mouth. Instead of crying or taking it back, I have seen you take it and try to give it who ever was trying to take it from you:) I hope this sharing lasts through next year too! Though I know I am biased as your mother, I can truly say you are a perfect joy to be around. You have transformed the way I thought I knew how to love, and made our family so much more complete. Every minute of every day with you is a blessing. Your daddy and I love you more than you could ever comprehend little one, and are so humbled that we have been given the chance to be your parents. So dream big, play hard, and sleep well knowing you are so loved. We can't wait to see what your next year has in store for us!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Silas Rocks the Mic

We got a chance to go out with a group of friends in town last weekend and decided to hit the karaoke joint. There is a great little place in Waldenburg called Josies, that has great food and fun entertainment. Silas and one other girl from our group of 10 were the only ones brave enough to get up and sing, and they both did great! It was so much fun watching Silas sing away! He picked the song "John Deere Green" and the crowd loved it and we all sang along too. I was so proud of him!!! We had steaks and baked potatoes and I got a grilled portabella mushroom and we ate until we were stuffed. It's worth going back for the food!
It was so nice to have a night out too. It took a while to find a babysitter, but we finally found a college student from ASU to come watch little man. She basically just put him to bed and then watched movies the rest of the night, which was fine with me since I had never met her before! Tyson did great and that makes me feel better. I hate leaving him sometimes!
These are just some random pictures of Silas and I with little man. He is getting so big! I am so proud of him and the new things he learns everyday.
The rest of this post will just be random stuff. Tyson took his first steps over the 4th of July weekend. He will take one or two now, but then goes down and crawls where he want to go. The kid is lightening fast at crawling!!! He walks good holding onto your fingers still, but is just not ready to let go and take off on his own yet. I am ready for that day to come, because he is a big kid and wears me out carrying him around all the time! I am trying to enjoy these days though, since I know walking will be a whole new level of independence and I will come to miss when he wanted me to hold him all day. He is a very loving kid and loves to be kissed or tickled. I love watching Silas rough house with him...they are so cute. Tyson just squeals with delight when Silas gets down on all fours and starts counting to three. Tyson knows daddy is going to come and get him, and he loves it!!! I am not sure if I mentioned it in an earlier post, but Ty has also learned to dance. We listen to a christian music kids CD in the mornings after he wakes up and when he hears the beat, he starts squatting up and down and shaking his head! I love it! He will dance by himself for a while, but his favorite is when I pick him up and spin around and dance around the room with him. We get quite a workout in the mornings:)

As far as the house goes, things are definitely not finished, but coming along. The yard is taking a big chunk of time since it really needs a lot of attention to get it established. This has been difficult to do with it being the dead of summer. We have to water like crazy and a few things are still struggling in the heat. We really need to get it professionally fertilized, but that is on the end of a big "to do" list! We have finally gotten blinds up on all the windows, which is very nice. That was a big accomplishment for sure! There are still pictures to be hung and things to decorate, but the bulk of settling in is done. We need several new pieces of furniture too, but those will have to wait for now. Work is going ok for me for the most part. It can be very frustrating, but I am getting back into the groove. I have been much more adventurous with cooking lately and we have really enjoyed eating at home. I am proud to announce that I think we have finally broken the eating out habit!!! We go out for Sunday lunch after church and that is about it. I am even making things ahead of time to freeze for the night I work, so I don't have to worry about dinner when I get home. It's a whole new world in our house! I am having fun trying a bunch of recipes I have been saving for years:) It is so much easier to cook now too, since one of us can play with the baby while the other gets supper ready. It is so hard to get anything done in the kitchen with him under your feet if you are by yourself!

I guess that is all for now. I went with a friend to the Memphis Zoo yesterday and we took the kids, so I will post about that next when I get the pictures on the computer:)
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Tyson's First Birthday...Round 1

Tyson celebrated round one of his birthday the weekend after the 4th of July. Since my parents and niece were here to visit, we decided to have a little family birthday celebration a few weeks early. I got a chance to practice making his cake too, which was nice! I am sure Ty won't mind having to eat several cupcakes over the next few weeks either:) The top picture is of my niece Kia, Ty and my mom at the water park. We had a great time swimming and cooling off, and just hanging out.
I love this one of Kia and Tyson. Kia is 14 and Ty is her closest cousin in age on my side of the family. Tyson adores her and had a great time playing while they were here. Kia is so good with him, and was such a big help to me too! We can't wait to see them again next month when we head out to Nashville.
Here is my first attempt at Tyson's turtle birthday cake. It definitely did not look like the picture on the box, but it turned out better than it could have by far! To be fair, Silas helped me with some of the decorating part:) The turtle's body is made out of individual cupcakes that you arrange and then frost together like a cake. Then we just pulled him apart and ate him! Ty had a separate cupcake with sprinkles with his candle in it that he ate.
Here's the only good picture I have of us as a family. Tyson tore into his cupcake and ate the entire thing in no time! He didn't make too much of a mess though...just the icing on his face:) I thought the sugar would keep him up for sure, but little man slept like a dream that night:) His actual first birthday is this coming Sunday, the 20th. I don't have anything specific planned yet, but I am sure we will come up with something for the celebration.
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yum Yum Eat 'Em up!

Tyson has always been a good corn eater, but he became an official Orbison corn eater over the holiday weekend:) We have been scraping corn off of the cob for him, but we decided to give him his own piece over the 4th. He loved it!!! He was such a trip to watch while he was going to town on this corn:) Pretty soon he will be up there eating his weight in ears of corn with the big boys at Thanksgiving!

Checking his ears for any last pieces of corn he may have put there for later!
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Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July

We packed up and headed to Heber Springs to spend the weekend on the lake. It was awesome!! We got to stop and spend a little time with friends in Searcy on the way there, since we had to pick up the boat. Then we headed out to the lake and got there close to Tyson's bedtime. We had some fantastic thunderstorms all night, but things calmed down the next day so we could get out on the water. We spent the rest of the weekend riding around the lake, tubing, swimming, grilling out, and having a good time. Tyson has been out on the boat once before, but this was his first time out in the water. He loved his life jacket and had a great time floating around. He also loved playing in the tube. We didn't end up pulling him in it though, since the lake was crowded and really choppy and bumpy. I didn't want him to have a bad first experience, so we will wait til its a calmer time. He really likes being out on the water, which is great for us.
We stayed with the family of a friend of ours who have a house right on the water. It was so easy to just pack up and head out to the backyard and get out on the water, and then come in quick if you had to because of the storms. It was also super easy to get back and get the baby down for a nap:) Kay was awesome and watched him for me several times while he was napping so we could go out on the boat. We ended up watching the fireworks from the boat later that night. We have never been to the lake for the 4th, so it was a really neat experience. Silas loved driving around on the water at night, and we had fun listening to the patriotic music while watching the fireworks. Then it was just a short ride back to the house so we didn't have to pull the boat out or fight any traffic....perfect!
Silas finally got some good tube time in this weekend too. He has been waiting for his chance to have some fun:) The water was really choppy which made for some tough riding, but he did great! I wish I had a picture of him hitting a wave and flying 6 feet up in the air before coming down in the water on his head:) He loved it, but it wore him out. Me too! My arms are still sore from holding on so tight:) I think we may try wake boarding next time. I was going to learn to ski too, but my arms were too tired and there were too many boats out there for me to try. Next time.
I just liked this picture of the baby. He was so serious while watching the water as we drove around. I am sure he is thinking of all the fun he will have once he is old enough to get out there by himself! We ate so good and slept hard after being outside most of the weekend. We had a great time getting to know some other people our age from Jonesboro, and Tyson had fun being the center of attention:) It was a great trip but good to get home too. The boat is safely stored in the garage here at the house and we can't wait until the next time we get to head out to the lake again.
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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Here are the things I am so very thankful for this week....

1. That my baby is back to sleeping until 7 or 7:30am. I guess a parent should never attempt to mess with a child's bedtime routine, because they will not be happy! I finally figured out that if Silas puts the baby to bed for me, hes up at 5:30, but if I put him to bed as usual, he sleeps until about 7:30.

2. That I am no longer unpacking boxes. I'm just sorting and moving junk around now:)

3. For the new house....I love it more every day, especially as we are getting more decorating done and making if feel more like home.

4. That Tyson is such a happy boy. His smile just makes my day:)

5. For friends that have stayed in touch since the move. I have even had a couple of people make the drive out here to visit us already!!! Thanks Deidre and Amber!!

6. For my job and being able to work when I want.

7. For Silas and his mad handy man skills around the house. Who knew how much he could get done at home when he's actually got time to do it?!?!? He has been sooooo helpful:)

8. For temperatures in the 70's and 80's in June and July in Arkansas!

9. For God blessing me more than I could ever hope for or even imagine! Life is good:)

10. Having a ton of extra time to spend as a family now that Silas doesn't spend his whole day on the road.

Things have been so good since we have moved, and I am so thankful for that. My crepe myrtles are beginning to bloom in the front yard, my grass is getting greener, and the neighbors are so friendly. We are having an official block party on my street next weekend with all of the neighborhood. Since we are a new development and no one has been here longer than a year, we are all enjoying getting to know one another. I have met almost everyone on my street, and this should be a good way to get to hang out and finally get names straightened out! New houses are going up every day, and they are about to pave the two new streets to finish out the neighborhood. Things are coming along. Tyson loves watching the construction workers and their equipment ("big boy toys"). I will be happy when they sell the house next to ours...maybe they will get rid of the big blue port-a-potty sitting at the end of my driveway!! I have had some awkward encounters with work men when I am setting off with the stroller to take a walk and almost run over some poor guy as he comes out of the toilet! Good times:)

Anyway, I hope everyone has a fabulous 4th of July weekend. We are taking off to the lake this afternoon and will be there all weekend. We are planning to introduce Ty to some tubing on the water, so I will let you know how that goes:) I am really looking forward to getting away from the house for a little bit and not worrying about unpacking or fixing anything! And oh the good grilled food we are going to eat....yum:) Hopefully I will get some good pictures over the weekend to post for next week.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Little Man

Just thought this was a cute picture of Ty blowing bubbles while he played. He loves his new room, and especially his closet. He is absolutely fascinated with the hangers, and lucky for him there is a whole row of them hanging right where he can reach. He spends so much time in there, looking up and pulling on them like a mad man! It will be quiet and then you will hear tons or rattling and squealing:) He has also discovered doors, and spends a lot of time pushing them open and closed. This is a great game until he gets one totally closed and ends up in a room by himself...then the crying starts!
Tyson has always always always hated shoes, and pretty much socks for that matter. We couldn't keep socks on him as a baby, and any pair of shoes we have tried have lasted maybe 2 minutes before they have been kicked or pulled off. We may have finally found a pair of shoes that will last though!! Thanks to my good friend Kim in Searcy handing me down a bag of shoes, Tyson was able to wear a pair of shoes to church on Sunday. They made it from the house to the church, all the way through the service, out to lunch, and home again, still on his feet!!! Definitely a miracle! He hasn't worn them too much since, but at least it is a step in the right direction. I was hoping we would find a pair that worked for him before he starts walking, because we spend so much time outside. Hope these work!
Standing by himself, contemplating which hanger to get next:)
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