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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lil Punkin'

So I broke down and bought a Halloween costume for Ty. I said I wasnt going to since he won't be trick-or-treating and he doesn't even know whats going on, but when I saw this little pumpkin outfit, I couldn't resist!! He did really well with me putting it on him, but he got upset with it pretty fast. At least he let me get a few cute pictures. He absolutely hates anything on his head, so the top of his pumpkin really upset him!!! He couldn't move his arms very well either, and I think that frustrated him too. Thank goodness it has cooled off here since the thing is like a little heated sleeping bag!!! We will most likely just take him around to some friends houses so he can show off his costume on Halloween. Hope you enjoy my little pumpkin:)

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Little Man

Just wanted to post a few recent pictures of the little guy. (Not that he is so little anymore!) What a sweet little thing he is and with so much personality!
Playing with his toys
My little sleeping angel:)
Ty with his G-Daddy
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Nashville Trip

So we took off to Nashville this past weekend for a whirlwind trip to visit family. My grandparents from Florida were in town, so we all headed home for a little reunion. There were some definite highs and lows to the trip. It was great to see all of my family, and Ty was able to meet his Aunt, Uncle, cousins and great- grandparents for the first time. The sad part was he cried over 3 hours of the drive down there and a few on the way back as well:( No fun for mom and dad, that's for sure! We all survived though and overall it was good that we went. It's not so easy to get the whole Hensley clan together, but we managed to do it and that was great! It is hard for me to believe how much our family is growing:) We were also able to get a 4 generation picture with my grandparents, my mom, me and Ty. I am thankful for my family and even though it was short, we had a great trip home:)
The family
Renee and Kaylee, Lauren and Ty
Great Grandparents and Tyson
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Bentley and Buster

I have not posted anything about my fur babies in almost a year, so I thought I would take a few minutes to share some funny stories about the dogs. Where to start...these guys are an absolute mess!!! They have has some adventures this year, and are doing well. I'm not sure if I wrote about the time they ran away or not. They took off after a squirrel and were gone for 2 days and nights. They found their way home, wet, hungry, scared and full of ticks. Needless to say they have been very good about staying in our yard since then!! We don't have a fence, but they know not to wander off too far anymore! They hate squirrels and rabbits with a passion, and whine furiously when one comes into our yard...which unfortunately is multiple times a day. They also love to dig, and have worked very hard to dig a massive tunnel system in their pen. Most of these holes are under their dog house and Bentley prefers to be under here most of the time in the shade. Well just the other day Silas and I hear some barking and go outside to check it out. We usually see two little puppies waiting anxiously for us to let them out for a little freedom. Today there was just one face...Buster. Now I was worried because their expertise at digging has also led to multiple escapes in the past, so I thought maybe Bentley was gone. I asked Buster...."where is Bentley??" and he immediately went running to the side of the house and looking in one of the holes. When Silas and I got closer, we realized that poor Bentley had gone down under the house in a hole, and then couldn't get herself back out!! Her little nose was just poking out of the hole. Silas had to go in and dig her out!!! What a mess these dogs are, but they have been good pets. I can't believe we have had them a year already...the time has sure gone fast! I tried to get some good pictures of them to post, but the silly things are so active that they wouldn't sit still long! Oh yeah, our neighbor Jim went hunting this weekend and got a large doe and brought it home. He asked Silas if we wanted any of the meat, so Silas said sure! Well I did not know that he was going to bring home a treat for the dogs too.....deer feet!! He came inside and told me that the dogs would be playing with their treats for a while outside. When he said feet I thought of the hoof part, but then I eventually looked outside on my deck and saw a whole leg lying there!!! Gross!!! I am not going back outside until these lovely "treats" are gone, because they gross me out!!! Thank goodness it's raining today!
waiting for their snacks from Silas
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Tyson and Jackson

Just wanted to post some cute pictures of Ty "playing" with his friend Jackson Warhurst. Jackson is the son of Lori who works at Families Inc with me. He is 5 weeks old in this picture. Jackson sure felt comfortable with Ty and just layed his little head right down on his shoulder!! Ty couldn't quite figure out what was going on!!! Ty is jealous of all the hair jackson has:)
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

3 months old

Well, little man is 12 weeks old and I can't believe how fast the time is going! We are having a great time with this little guy! He jabbers up a storm most days and loves to hear himself "talking." He is also starting to laugh a little, which sounds adorable. He smiles all the time, which you can't tell from the pictures!! I guess my camera is too slow, and always takes the picture after he is not looking anymore. Then when you put the camera down, he is just grinning away at you:) Hopefully we will get more of those smiles captured soon so we can share them with you. He also loves to blow bubbles and is starting to put everything he finds in his mouth. I have tried to give him several teething toys, but mostly he prefers my finger or his hand:) He still won't take a pacifier either, and Im not sure why he doesn't like them. He always spits them out after just a few seconds. Everything else is going great. We are loving the cooler weather and getting outside as much as possible when we can.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Still growing!

Not too much has been going on the past few weeks. We are just waiting for the cooler weather to get here so we can start enjoying fall! I have all my fall decorations out, but it doesn't seem right as it is still pushing 90 degrees some days. At least Ty is getting more use out of his 0-3 month clothes! I am ready for it to cool off though, because I am worried he may not even get to wear some of his cute outfits for the fall at the rate he is growing!!! Silas is ready for cooler weather so he can go hunting. I am looking forward to fires in the backyard and the s'mores we always make:) That and wearing sweatshirts....it doesn't feel like fall and football season if you can't wear a sweatshirt!
Anyway, this week should be pretty busy. We are having a garage sale with some friends this coming weekend in hopes of making a little cash and getting rid of things we don't need. I am sure I will spend the money I make on something really important like new Christmas decorations or something else I don't really need!! It will be fun though. I also have a function to attend for the social club I sponsor at Harding, and a MOPS meeting. Everything else is going well. We got the rain forest jump-a-roo from some friends of ours this weekend and Ty had fun bouncing around in his new toy. His little legs are too short though, so we had to put a stack of books under his feet so he would have something to push off of!! He is not quite big enough for this fun toy though, as you can see from the picture, and his little face barely sticks out over the edge:) Im sure he will really enjoy it in just a few weeks though!
Barely big enough!!!
Ty and Silas
Getting sleepy after my bath:)
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