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Monday, February 10, 2014

Missing The Sun

Baby it's cold outside!!  I've said it before and I will say it again.....the winter is tough on me.  I need sunshine to thrive, and by the time February rolls around, I am barely hanging on!  We have had a lot of snow, sleet and ice this winter, as well as really cold temperatures.  Knox and I hang out at the house all day when we are home together.  I am really looking forward to Spring and being able to get outside with him:) 

I feel like we have settled into a pretty good routine for the time being.  I know it will all change soon, as it always does:)  I am still loving work and enjoying my schedule.  I have been running regularly and am actually training for a half marathon in April.  I have good and not so good days running, but I am trying to just hang in there and do what my body will allow.  I am consistently running 3 days a week for now, which includes 2 runs of 3-5 miles and then a longer run on the weekends.  So far my body is hanging in there with me and I have been able to push my speed a little on my shorter runs.  It feels good to be seeing my times inch down and be able to get my short runs back to miles in the 8 minute/ low 9's. I am hoping to have them stay under 9 minute miles for my average soon.  I really have no major goal for this race but to just finish it.  I sort of feel like I did when I started running a few years back.  My goal for this year post baby is just to get back into the fitness groove and have some fun along the way:)  I don't have a big focus other than overall health and fitness, so I am planning to run/race all kinds of distances and events as they come up.  I am kind of excited about doing some shorter races.....it has been a while!! 

Knox is 4 months and 3 weeks old.  His personality is getting bigger by the day and is just precious!  He is such a happy baby and I love his big slobbery grin.  He jabbers a lot like Tyson did when he was this age.  He adores his jump-a-roo and just bounces around like crazy in that thing.  So cute:)  He has been sleeping through the night since about 8-10 weeks and takes two big naps during the day, and usually a small cat nap in the evening after dinner.  I continue to do a combination of nursing/pumping and it is still going well.  I am hoping to make it to a year with breastfeeding him, but like always, we just take it one day at a time.  Little man has recently become very interested in food so starting solids is next up on our agenda.  I am trying to wait until he is at least 5 months old to start him on any food, and even longer if I can.  I am not in a hurry.  I am hoping to make his baby food too, but there are a few things I need to get before I can get started with that.

Speaking of making food, I have started cooking a lot more recently.  One thing the winter is really good for is making big pots of soup, and I am having a great time trying new recipes.  We have eaten a ton of chili, vegetable beef soup, chicken and rice soup, and beef stew the past few months and I love it!!  Silas and I are making a renewed effort to get rid of our debt, and eating at home has been one of the areas we have been cutting back with our spending.  I know it is a lot healthier for us, and I haven't missed eating out much at all this month.  I have done pretty good with our meal planning and grocery shopping which definitely makes eating at home easier:) 

We had our Parent Commitment Ceremony/Baby Dedication at church this past Sunday, where all the families that have added babies the past year take part in a little ceremony during the service.  2013 was a big year for babies at our church!!  Knox was one of 22 babies born in our congregation.  They take a picture of all the babies for the hall in the nursery wing.  Let me just say, taking a picture of 22 babies is no easy feat my friends!!  The parents were worn out and there were lots of crying babies by the time it was over.  We got it done though, and apparently photo shop will come in handy for the final picture!  Tyson and Jace were so excited to watch us up on stage with Knox, and were very well behaved while we participated in the ceremony.  It was a special day and I am glad we got to take part in it.

Everything else is going well.  I am hoping the worst of the winter weather is past and am dreaming of being able to run outside in the sun sometime soon:)


Blogger Caroline Mosey said...

Just a few more weeks and that sun will come back!! Love and miss you.. xo

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