/> SLO in Arkansas: July 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Still Alive

I've tried a few times to post but for some reason my computer no longer recognizes my camera and I can't get any pictures on here:(  Stink.  Anyway, this may be boring, but we are still alive and kicking over here in Arkansas!!

Baby News:
I am 30 weeks!!  Whoo hoo!  I am still feeling pretty good for the most part.  Yes it's hot.  Yes I'm tired.  Not much I can do about any of that, so we just keep on trucking.  Work is wearing me out.  It pretty much exhausts what little energy I have just to get ready and get us all out of the door in the morning and work all day, so I am not that exciting at night.  Silas of course helps with everything around the house and with the boys, which allows me to rest thank goodness.  I am also an emotional roller coaster.  Pregnancy hormones make me weepy all the time.  Work stresses me out too (we just went through a huge audit). Running used to be my outlet for stress, and without my usual exercise routine I have turned into a crying mess these days!!  I hate it, but thank goodness it will be over soon!  I am already dreaming of running and biking and swimming and all the races I will do once this baby comes:)  The boys seem to be getting excited as we have gotten the nursery ready and it all starts to feel more real.  I would post a picture of the nursery, but alas, I cannot.

We have had fun this summer and have taken the boat to the lake several times, which the boys have loved!  Our last trip over the 4th of July was one of the most relaxing lake trips we have ever had!  We got a new tube for the boys and they could ride in that thing forever!!  Tyson is a speed junkie and wants to go fast all the time, but Jace gets a little timid at times.  They have so much fun together swimming and tubing and I am still so thankful for our boat and the fun family time it provides us in the summers:) 

Tyson had his 6th birthday this past weekend and we enjoyed celebrating him.  He got new Legos and golf clubs which he is very excited about!!  We had a party at home and took one of his friends to the water park, which all the boys enjoyed.  It is fun having kids old enough to start doing things with others:)  Tyson was brave and went down the big water slides for the first time too.  He went by himself and loved it.  I am so glad for his adventurous spirit and willingness to try new things.

We also survived another year of WOW, which is our church's vacation Bible school.  I say survived because it is a huge event and just wild, crazy and exhausting!!  The boys loved it, and the speaker was really good this year, so everyone had a good time.  We are still recovering a bit this week as it gets us all off our schedules.  Not usually a big deal in the summer, but trying to drag the poor boys out of bed to get ready for school/day camp at 6:30am was not fun last week. 

Speaking of school.....I can't believe the school year starts back in a month!!  Tyson is so excited to be starting kindergarten, and we decided to move Jace to the Pre-K center which is next door to where Tyson will go in the fall.  Both boys are super excited and looking forward to their new "big schools."  I am thankful to only have one drop off and pick up line to wait through!!  Our life is going to get a little more complicated in September when this sweet baby arrives, and anything that we can do to simplify is good:)  I am getting very anxious to hold my sweet little boy.  We haven't had a baby in our house in 4 years, and I am ready!!