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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's A. . . . . ????

Today has got to rank up there with one of the greatest days of my life. Silas and I found out that we are having a son yesterday, and I still can't believe it!! Being able to watch your child move, turn his head toward you when you talk to him, and see his heartbeat is the most amazing thing ever...especially because he is still in the womb! I am so glad that Silas got to be there with me as it was truly an amazing experience.
Having a boy is even more special, as I come from a predominately female family. It will also be the first grandson for my dad, and first great-grandson for my grandparents. He will also be the first grandson with the Orbison last name for Silas' parents, so that is pretty special too. Not to mention that he will be our firstborn, and a wonderful answer to prayer, which makes him all the more special to us:)
So I know the next question everyone has is...what is his name?!?!? Silas and I are lucky to be able to agree on most things and picking a name was pretty easy. As long as nothing drastic changes(like him being a girl!) we plan on calling him Tyson Rhodes Orbison, or Ty for short. I have been told some parents change their minds at the last minute too, but I'm pretty sure we will be sticking with this one!
Anyway, I am just so excited and don't really know how to put it all into words. This baby is such a blessing to us and our families, and I am so ready to meet him and watch as he grows into whatever God has in store for him to be.

P.S. Since there are no boys in my immediate family besides my dad, I will be needing and appreciate any little boy advice I can get!! I have heard they can be quite an adventure!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Four Things

A friend sent this to me and so I am going to answer the questions for myself and maybe you will learn something you did not know about me.

1) Four jobs I have had: Maintenance person for a Homewood Suites hotel (I fixed a lot of clogged up toilets!), teacher for 3 year olds at a day care, concession stand worker at Recreation World, and selling candles off a cart in the mall.

2) Four places I have been on vacation: The Greek islands, Venice, Italy, Bahamas, Branson

3) Four movies I have watched over and over: Top Gun, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Office Space

4) Four tv shows I love to watch: House, 24, That 70's Show, and Grey's Anatomy

5) Four of my favorite foods: Pizza, nacho salad at Taco Bueno, filet mignon with portabella mushrooms, and fruit salad

6) Four places I have lived: Nashville, TN, Searcy, AR, Albuquerque, NM, Hurst, TX, Clemson, SC, Tampa, FL(for 2 months), and Porto Rafti, Greece for 3 months
*I know...that is more than 4!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Duck Hunter

Silas has become very interested in hunting since we moved to Arkansas, and shows it by bringing home dead things to show me all the time! These are the first ducks he killed of the season. I believe they are all mallards, but I could be wrong. We are having them mounted and I will post pictures of the final product once we get them back. I have been informed this can be a very lengthy process. I am also learning it can be a very expensive process!! We have another duck hanging out in our freezer waiting to be mounted at a later time.
The good thing about living in Arkansas is that you can wear your camo anywhere at anytime and always fit in, and there are plenty of things and places to hunt:)

Baby Crib

I am really excited to have the crib up already, since it is the only thing we have so far. I actually ordered it in cherry wood, but they discontinued that one, so we went to black as a back up. I didn't know how I was going to feel about black at first, but I absolutely love it! I am thinking that I may use black and white bedding too, so that I can reuse it later down the road. Then we can just accent with gender specific colors as needed. Since we don't know the sex yet, this is the only thing I have allowed myself to buy:) We find out next week the gender (hopefully it will cooperate)! We are both really excited and looking forward to knowing:)
As for myself, I have been feeling pretty good lately. I am definietly eating more and can tell!! I think I have
grown a lot in the last 2 weeks. Some women at work
are trying to start a walking group during our lunch break and I am planning to participate as much as my schedule will allow. Since I am out of the office seeing clients several days a week, it may be tricky, but hopefully a day or two will be better than nothing. I am definitely looking forward to warmer temperatures and sunshine, that is for sure!
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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pregnant Picture

If this actually posts it will be a miracle!! I know its not that exciting, but it is the best I have for now. This is my most recent picture, taken last Sunday before church. I am 4 months at this point. I feel like my silly stomach is taking over my body, and Silas kindly reminds me that it only seems that way to me, not everyone else! Then I remind myself that I will be MUCh bigger in the future, and I should enjoy this little pooch while I have it!!!

I hate Blogger

Ok, I have tried over and over and I just cannot get my silly pictures to post on this thing! It is driving me crazy. I dont like computers anyway, and this is NOT helping!!! Anyway, I posted a picture and everything today and now I cant find it anywhere, and I dont know what else to do. I will try to figure it out later when I have more time. Time, of course, is something that I never seem to have enough of, so I apologize for my slowness in getting around to this particiular thing on my never-ending "to-do" list. I will just have to stick to plain old writing for now, which I know is not nearly as exciting as seeing my pooching stomach!! Anyway, we find out in 2 weeks what the sex is, and I dont know if I can stand the wait!! Actually, time is going by pretty fast lately, so it is not as bad as it seems some days. I just cant wait to know what I will be holding in my arms this summer. Im also ready to start doing some decorating of the nursery while I still am working and have some money:) February 20th is the big day(hopefully he/she will cooperate) and I will definitely remember to post what we find out!