/> SLO in Arkansas: September 2007

Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Pictures

Ty had his 2 month check-up several weeks ago and is doing great! He got his shots and handled them well....so did I for the most part:) He is healthy and growing like a weed....already up to 13 pounds! His smiles and "talking" just make my day. He is also learning to control his hands more and has fun holding his toys and putting things in his mouth. He is such a joy to watch as he learns and explores the world around him. My parents were able to come for a visit recently as well, and Ty enjoyed getting to spend some time with his Tennessee grandparents:) I had his pictures taken professionally for the first time this past week, and he did ok. It was his nap time so he was a little fussy in some of the shots. I think they turned out pretty good for the most part. They won't come in for a few weeks though. We will most likely wait until Christmas to have them done again, and maybe he will be sitting up better by then! My classes at Harding continue to go well. I can't believe mid-terms are in 2 weeks. The semester has really flown by. I am enjoying the teaching more than I thought I would, and am really getting used to my classes. We have had some great discussions so far. Not too much else is going on right now. We are just hanging out and watching a lot of football when we can! I have been dragging my feet when it comes to going back to work, but I think I will pick a few clients back up here in the next few weeks. I am hoping to start back slowly and just do a half day or so for a while. I'm just not ready to leave the little guy for much longer than a few hours if I can help it!! I continue to be thankful for the flexibility my job allows so that I can choose my hours and schedule to work around being at home:)
Tyson just hanging out
Ty enjoying time with his Memaw and G-Daddy
Lazy days on the couch!
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Little Hunter

So Tyson got to wear his first camo outfit this weekend, thanks to some friends of ours giving me one that her son had outgrown. I have some other stuff for him, but it is for when he gets a little bigger, so I was glad to get some he can wear now! As you can see from the picture, he obviously loves his camo and can't wait to go hunting with the big boys one day. For now he can enjoy wearing the outfit and listening to his dad tell him all about the adventures they will have in the future. Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks too?!?!?

Just a little picture of Ty playing around after his bath and enjoying his hooded towel:)
Me and Ty hanging out on Saturday afternoon.....it was a gorgeous day and starting to cool off. We were very excited to watch the Razorbacks play today too, though sad they lost:(
Silas and Ty before church this morning. Silas shaved his beard on the sides and trimmed everything up, and surprisingly, Ty enjoys giving him kisses on the face more now!! He can also see what his dad looks like!!
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Raising Ty

Today I just wanted to express how grateful I am for the 2 boys in my life. I cannot imagine my life without my wonderful husband Silas or my precious little boy Tyson. The transition into parenthood has been so incredible, and I am so thankful to be able to share this journey with Silas. He reminded me last night that not only are we raising Ty, but he is raising us too! We are all in this together and learning how to be a family. I think the hardest part for me has been my changing roles, and trying to figure out how to do all the things I did before I was a mom. I am slowly coming to realize that my life will never be the same and to embrace the changes rather than try and fit them into my old life. I'm learning how to be both a mother and a wife, which is not always easy, especially in these early weeks and months. I am learning that every day will be an adventure and to expect the unexpected. I am learning that sitting on the couch holding my baby all day is the most perfect use of my time possible. I am learning that I can't do everything I used to, and learning to let go. I am learning how important it is that I take care of myself so that I can take care of my family. I am learning that sometimes babies just cry for no reason and thats ok. I am learning that it is a lot harder to work and be a mother than I thought it would be. I am learning that it takes time to become the mother I want to be, and to not be so hard on myself in the meantime. Through all of this, I am learning to just be thankful for every breath my son takes, and every moment I have to spend time with my family. They are so precious to me and the greatest blessings in my life. Today God has gently reminded me that life is a gift and to cherish every moment we have. So today I am thankful that Silas has a job and supports us, that Ty smiles at me and talks to me and lays his head on my chest to fall asleep, and that I am healthy and happy and have another second, minute, hour and day to enjoy and love my boys to the best of my ability.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Almost 2 months!

Here are my cute pictures of Ty for this week. He will be 2 months old on Friday:) The first picture is before church on Sunday and he wore his little camo boots for the first time. They lasted about 5 minutes before his little feet started kicking like crazy and the crying started! Needless to say, the boots were only worn for the picture:) The rest of the pictures are just of us hanging out at the house this week. The last one we took this morning trying out our Johnny Jump Up! He is too small for his legs to reach the ground so he just used it as a little swing today:) He was not too sure what to think about it, but I think he will love it once he figures out how to bounce and jump.
Ty and I went to our first MOPS meeting this week as well. MOPS stands for Mothers of Pre Schoolers and is a great group for moms. Several of my friends are on the steering committee and have talked me into trying it out this semester. I think it should be fun. Hopefully he will do well there too. I did not leave him in the nursery this time and think I will try that next time and see how he does.
Our other excitement for the week was heading to the White County Fair here in town last night after my class!! Of course I left my camera in the car, so there are no pictures to document Tyson's first exposure to White county's finest, but we had a good time. He did great riding around in his stroller and ended up sleeping through most of it. We did show him the animals and I think he liked all the lights. We went last night because it was free, so of course it was also really crowded. It was a little tricky trying to push the stroller through all the people, and I could have done without all the cigarette smoke as well. Of course Silas and I just go for the funnel cakes and turkey legs!! We shared one of each and they were both fabulous:) I think next year will be a lot more fun as Ty will be old enough to walk a little and look around more. We just went for the experience and the food this year:)
Just wanted to mention too the wonderful weather we have had the past 2 days. Fall is coming and I LOVE it!! It has finally dropped into the 60's and 70's at times and feels great! What a welcome break from the heat, humidity and rain we have been having. Ty and I try to take walks in the mornings and today was just one of those perfect mornings to be alive and outside. The clear blue sky and cool air was wonderful:) We are definitely looking forward to the changing of the seasons and the upcoming holidays. I just love this time of year!!

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Baseball baby

Ty is 7 weeks old today! I can't wait to take him to the doctor on the 21st to see how much he weighs and how long/tall he is!! We have had several rainy days this week here in Searcy, so we have spent a lot of time inside just hanging out together. It has been a good week for that, since we were able to catch up on our sleep and rest after our trip. Today I was able to get a few pictures of Ty in his baseball pj's and a little baseball hat! I thought they were too cute, so I had to share them:)

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Family Pictures

Just wanted to post a picture of our family. We don't get many at home since we can't take them ourselves easily, so Im glad to have gotten a few while we were out of town:)
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tyson goes to Texas!

We took our first road trip as a family this past weekend and it went fantastic! Tyson was a great traveller, thank goodness!! He got to meet a lot of his Texas relatives and everyone had a great time. It was also a very special trip as he was able to meet his great-great grandmother Ruth Orbison. She is 105 years old and will turn 106 in December! We were able to get a 5 generation picture including great-great Grandmother Orbison, Great-grandpa Jack Orbison, pap-paw Steve Orbison, dad Silas Orbison, and little Tyson Orbison. What a gift to have such a wonderful extended family:) Silas and I enjoyed spending time with his siblings and parents, as well as the other relatives. Ty had a great time meeting his cousins as well! I am so glad that the trip went well and hopefully we will get out that way again soon! We were also able to meet up with some friends from Harding and their families on the way home, and really enjoyed getting to catch up a little. Silas and I are so thankful for all of our wonderful friends and family, and had a great time showing Tyson off to all of you!

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