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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Stinking Christmas!

Well, Silas and I were welcomed home from Nashville with a broken septic tank and a very large bill for the repairs. I thought there might be a problem when water started coming out of every hole in the house (bathtub, sink, toilet) and even the walls by the floor!! We called a plumber and they proceeded to dig up my backyard, and got very frustrated when they could not find the septic tank. It was not where it was supposed to be...the previous owners passed along faulty information to us when we moved in. So they came back the next day with an excavator to dig even bigger holes in my yard. At least they found it this time. Anyway, 3 days and several thousand dollars later, we have a fully functional and should be for the next few years septic system. Merry stinkin Christmas to us!!! Not what we wanted for Christmas, but at least it is no longer a problem and we have the peace of mind that it should be working well for a while. I am also very thankful that only water came back into the house, and not anything else!!! Then our house really would stink!! I just love how life lulls us into thinking things are going great and we can coast for a while, and then BAM.....something big breaks. AHhhh..the joys of home ownership:) Really though, we are thankful it wasnt worse, and that it was taken care of quickly. And I know my grass will grow back, maybe even greener, over our working septic tank!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas

I tried to post some pictures earlier but it wouldn't let me, so this will be short and sweet. We are heading to Nashville to spend Christmas with my family, and then heading back to Searcy for a day or two before going back to work. Im thankful for the break, no matter how small! Hopefully my pictures will cooperate next time and I will get some up from the holidays!! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and can look back on this past year and remember your many blessings.

Friday, December 08, 2006


So I've been tagged by my friend Deidre, which means I have to respond to one of her recent blogs. I've got to list 6 things about myself that others may not know about me. I know Im pretty weird at times, but it's still hard to think of six weird things!! Here goes!

1. I smell almost every bite of food before I put it into my mouth. Maybe not every bite, but I make sure to smell the first bite and make sure it smells nice before I will acutally put it in my mouth:) Silas finds this very humorous.
2. I am OCD about my laundry. I have to have time to wash and dry AND fold it or I wont even put a load in. If I don't fold them the moment they are finished drying, it is bad news. There is nothing worse than a clean but wrinkled load of clothes! (I don't iron either)
3. You can tell if I am having a good or bad day by whether my bed is made when I get home from work. Made=good day/morning. Not made=not so good morning!
4. I became a member of Chi Omega Pi social club at Harding, despite hating the color pink. The club colors are pink, green and white. Pink is now one of my favorite colors:)
5. I wear 2 pairs of socks almost every day. I always wear a pair of white ankle socks, and usually put my regular pair to match my outfit on top of those. For those of you who don't know, I have very sensitve feet and socks have always been a major issue for me...just ask my mom, she can tell you some funny stories from when I was a kid! I guess I do it because dress socks are so thin and I don't like the way they feel in my shoes, so I add an extra pair for padding:) I also like the way men's dress socks feel , and would fall asleep rubbing one of my dad's black socks as a kid.
6. I have always been a tomboy and never seemed to outgrow some interests, even though I am much more girly now than I have ever been before. I anticipate the kick off of football season every year, would rather watch saturday afternoon football than go shopping, and can usually rattle off sports statistics with the best of them. I also have a facination with large machinery, which started when I was 8 years old. Every other little girl wanted to be a ballerina or teacher...I wanted to be a concrete truck driver! My neighbors poured some concrete for a new patio and after watching that truck work for hours, I decided that was my dream job. My family has never let me live that one down!! Some of my most memorable machinery moments over the past few years have been driving my dad's friend Tom's lawn mower that has the arms you push and can spin in circles (awesome), learning how to ride our motorcycle in 30 minutes in the church parking lot, and then riding it to work on Fridays, learning how to get the boat back on the trailer, and most recently, having the opportunity to drive my first bulldozer over Thanksgiving break when we were in Texas. Im not sure why I enjoy these toys so much. Maybe its just that I don't like NOT being able to do something!!

7. As a bonus, I will add a seventh thing since number 6 reminded me about it. I love mowing the yard more than anything and look forward to it every week in the summer. Silas hasn't touched the lawnmower since the first week we got it 2 years ago!! I mow in the same pattern and have a routine down that I rarely deviate from. I sometimes try to mow it more than once a week and Silas will have to tell me to wait another day or so!! Its also a great way to work on your tan in the summer:)

As you can see, I am weirder than I thought before writing this blog. Thanks Deidre for helping me see how many ways I am strange in my every day life!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Orbison Thanksgiving

Well, Silas and I headed off to Texas this year for Thanksgiving. We had a great time visiting family and getting to catch up with everyone. Every year it never ceases to amaze me how fast the kids are growing up and how big they have gotten since the last time I saw them! I thought this was a cute picture of "the cousins" so I included it. I have really enjoyed watching these kids grow and develop their own unique personalities, which are more evident each year. They are all entertaining in their own ways!! I also included a picture of the "big kids." The only adults missing are Silas' brother Eddie and his wife Talma, as they were out camping. The big people had a good time playing cards and talking as usual. The food was great and everyone who helped did a fantastic job. I know we don't get out to Texas much, but it's good when we go:) I don't know when I will stop packing turtle necks and sweaters to take out there for the holidays, because I always end up in my t-shirt because its so much warmer there!! Im sure I will remember that one day!!
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Texas Friends

We were so excited to see our friends from Harding who are currently living in Texas, when they came to Searcy this month. Brandy and Jonathon have been part of our lives for years, and this year we got to meet their new little girl, Olivia. She is a wonderful baby and great to be around. Silas and I really enjoyed the time we got to spend with these guys, and hope it won't be so long before we see them again:) Posted by Picasa