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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lodge 2012

 We had the best time at the lodge this year!!  We had to pack the car in the middle of a blizzard, and headed out the next morning in some pretty nasty driving conditions.  I won't lie, the trip was awful.  We had to drive about 20 mph almost all the way to Little Rock which took FOREVER!!  The roads were in really bad shape, and I spent the entire trip tensed up praying that no one lost control and hit us.  We saw plenty of wrecks and it is a miracle we arrived in Oklahoma without a scratch!
We reserved a new lodge this year, and it was the best place ever!! It had huge rooms, and every family's room had their own full bathroom as well.  It was perfect!!
The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins for the next few days. 
 The kids spent the majority of their time outside in the snow.  They made forts, had snowball fights, and just played to their hearts content.  These Texas and Arkansas kids don't get snow like this often, so they loved it!
 My sweet Tyson loving the snow.
 Mimi helped the kids make their Santa sacks for their gifts.  We have so many traditions at the lodge, and the kids look forward to all the activities.
 My favorite part was relaxing!!  This was the first year my kids have been old enough to wander in and out of the house and play, and me not worry about them getting lost in the woods!!  The boys stayed with the cousins and enjoyed their freedom to come and go as the pleased. 
The boys were so excited to open their stocking stuffers! 
 Can you tell how excited Tyson is??!
 Me and my sweet sisters-in-law.  I love these ladies!!
The whole crew together.  We had a great few days sleeping, eating, playing, and catching up.  There was lots of game playing (Silas and I are the Foosball champions!!) and fun.  The snow made it magical and it was such a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of regular life.  Thankfully, the snow was melting by the time we left and the drive home was easy breezy.  It was a fantastic trip and the boys are already excited and looking forward to next year's trip:) 
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

My brain doesn't work!

So I was just looking at the blog and yes, I just now realized I posted about Christmas 2013, instead of 2012:)  Apparently the holidays have had a negative impact on my brain!!!  I have got to start taking my vitamins again!!!  I guess that is what happens when you wait until the next year to post your Christmas pictures:)

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Christmas 2013

 We had fun doing our Christmas festivities this year.  I made cupcakes with the boys and they loved getting to decorate them.
 Tyson just loves doing crafts!
 The finished product.
 I love Christmas Eve.  We have carried on the tradition from the Hensley family of making a yummy dinner, and I look forward to it every year!  The boys love getting to eat in the  dining room with the fancy china plates and the candles:)  I love how it sets the mood for fun anticipation of what is to come in the morning.
 The boys got to open their Christmas pj's after dinner and were so cute wearing them to bed.
 Checking their stockings before heading to bed.  They are empty!!
Tyson is just pleased as pie to find the remote controlled helicopter under the tree that he asked Santa for. 
 He also adores the new guitar and has been practicing quite a bit.  I am seeing some lessons in his future!
 Jace immediately starting rocking it out on the electric drum set Santa left for him!!   He loves it!!
 Tyson takes a turn on the drums.
 Jace totes the guitar around the house and puts on cute performances at times.
Jace so excited to be opening presents. 
The boys are so excited to get to open the big present!! What could it be???!
 A new workbench with all the tools!!  My favorite quote of Christmas morning was from Jace who yelled..."Oh!!!  It's NOT a giant toilet!!"  The poor kid thought I had wrapped a potty up for them:)
 We had a great and relaxing Christmas day as a family, complete with a huge breakfast cooked by Silas and afternoon naps:)  Perfection!!  Christmas 2013 was topped off with a huge blizzard that brought us over 8 inches of snow and gave us a very rare white Christmas!!
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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Breakfast with Santa, CCA Christmas Program and a Surprise Visit!

 I am SO behind on blogging, but that is because I really don't sit down much:)  I will attempt to catch up over a few posts, but they may be out of order.  I know I still haven't even posted on my marathon, but that can wait a little longer!  Here goes.....
We have had a fun and busy Christmas season this year.  The boys loved attending our church's Breakfast with Santa for the 2nd year.  We ate pancakes, made all kinds of crafts, took pictures with Santa, and listened/sang fun Christmas music. 
We also had fun at our church Christmas potluck, singing, eating, and visiting. 
 A fun picture of the Orbison family.  I don't think I even planned for us to all be in red and black, but check us out:)
 One of my absolute favorite parts of this holiday season was attending the boy's school Christmas program.  I am soooo thankful they attend a private Christian school, and can celebrate Christmas and the birth of Christ.  The pre-school did an amazing job at the program, singing songs they have been working hard to learn for the past  month or so.
 Jace pretty much picked his nose and played in the greenery the whole time.  3 year old boys were not made to cooperate in programs!!!
 Tyson however, loved being on stage, singing, and performing.  He was so precious!!  It made my heart melt to see him sing, and he had all the motions down to the sign language for their songs.  I loved every single second of watching this sweet boy:)
 And to top off the fun activities before Christmas, we had a super fun surprise visit from my older sister and her 3 girls!!!  My sister was sneaky and showed up at my house about 5 minutes before I walked in from work one afternoon!!  How fun is that??!  The boys adore their girl cousins and we had a great time hanging out, going out to eat, and attending the Christmas program together.  It was a fast trip, but we loved every second of our time together and are so thankful they made the effort to come see us. 
 And this being our first year for me to work full time with kids, we had the joy of experiencing the kids being out of school and not having a babysitter!!  The boys spent several days at work with dad, and he wore them out!!!  Poor Jace would "work" hard all day and come home and crash right before I would get home.  They were all troopers, and luckily I took the whole week of Christmas off, so there were not too many crazy days.  We did have several days of a babysitter as well, and I am glad we have found one the boys just love:)  Whew!  I know I missed a ton of details by waiting so long to post, but there just hasn't been time.  I will get to our actual Christmas soon!!
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