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Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Halloween

 Halloween came and went so fast this year, but I guess that's what happens  when you have a baby 5 weeks prior to the holiday.  Halloween has been the first holiday for all of our boys, so it's been fun to see them all wear the little Halloween onesie:)  Jace wanted to be a pirate, and he was so pleased with his costume:)
 Knox is 5 weeks old here.  He continues to have those blue eyes, which I am thinking are here to stay!!  He was very laid back about the whole thing and just enjoyed the activity going on around him:)
 Tyson was Wolverine this year.  He had so much fun striking these ferocious poses!!  Love that kid!!
 Jace had fun with his sword and managed to keep up with it:)  I got a hilarious video on my phone of the big boys fighting but I'm not sure how to get it on here.  They were so funny hopping around and taunting each other:) 
 We have been trick-or-treating with the same family for the past 3 years, and each year it is so much fun.   We get together and eat at their neighbor's house with a bunch of people and all the kids run around like crazy until it gets dark.  Then we get everyone dressed and head out to the neighborhood to get some candy.  There are tons of houses and the kids have a ball.  I stayed in the house this year with Knox, and spent the evening nursing him and visiting with my friend.  It was a good choice because it ended up storming like crazy and everyone got soaked.  Glad the baby and I were nice and dry inside:)  The kids ate candy and rough housed for a while until the storm blew over (it was really bad...a tornado touched down in one of the small towns not far from Jonesboro), and then we packed up the crew and headed home.  We love having this tradition with friends and look forward to next year when Knox can participate a little more!
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