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Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's Go Time

We move in 19 days. Oh. my. goodness!!! There is still lots to be done before we are ready, but we are plugging away one thing at a time. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my parents which was such a great break from the chaos. The food was great and it was so nice visiting with my parents and shopping:) Silas and I had our first ever Black Friday experience since my parents were here to stay with the kids, so we went out at 5am for a little shopping fun. Walmart was entertaining to say the least, but we didn't buy anything there. We did get a new TV for our bedroom and some portable DVD players for the car for the kids. I think we got some pretty good deals, and we are happy with what we got. I am looking forward to moving and getting the new house set up and settle in. I am really hoping we don't move again for a long time....I keep saying that every time we move though:)

Let's see, what else is going on with us. Oh yeah, Tyson is working on potty training! He has gone in the big potty at least once every day for the past 3 days and I am so excited:) He still hasn't gotten to the point where he tells us he needs to go, but at least he is going when we put him on the potty. He seems pretty proud of himself and I am hoping the whole process continues on this well. Hopefully once we get moved we can really start working on it and get him fully trained. I would really welcome the break from buying diapers for two:)

Everything else is good. We should be super busy for the next 19 days and then get a little break while we get to go visit Silas' family for Christmas. I am ready for this move to get here and excited to start the new year off in our new house!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jace is 3 Months Old!!

Wow the past 12 weeks have flown by! My baby is 3 months old already. He is a sweetie pie and we are loving him to death:) He is so calm compared to Tyson, even at this age. He is very alert like his older brother was though. He has found his voice and just jabbers and talks up a storm lately. It is so cute. He loves to just look at you and smile when you talk to him. He has also started sucking on his fist and is blowing bubbles and drooling quite a bit:) He is pretty busy for a little guy! I am thinking he will be a good eater like Tyson was too, once we start feeding him some solid foods. He sits with us at the kitchen table for meals and watches us eat like a hawk. He seems very interested in what we are doing, so hopefully he will catch on easily once we enter the eating phase....which shouldn't be too far off.

Tyson continues to live up to his nickname of "Little Chef." The kid is obsessed with cooking, and has really developed a preference for Japanese hibachi cooking in particular!! He is perfecting his routine and can almost imitate the Japanese chefs perfectly at this point. He cooks his rice, throws some to the crowd, spins his egg, twirls his "knives," stirs the veggies and jabbers the whole time. Silas made him this chef hat last week and Tyson can't get enough of it!!! He cooks with it every day. He continues to be a big helper in the kitchen when we are actually making real food, and is always interested in what we are making. It is so neat to watch your child learn and find something they are really interested in. We could get this kid tons of kitchen utensils and small appliances for Christmas and he would be thrilled to death!! About half the "toys" in his toy basket are from my kitchen drawers anyway:)
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Orbison Pictures

Here are a few more of our family pictures from last weekend. I love my guys:)

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Family Photo Shoot

We made some family pictures this morning and hopefully got some good ones out of it! I brought along my little camera and took a few in between the actual family pictures. Let me just say, toddlers are almost impossible to get a picture of!! Tyson was running off the whole time or else crying and throwing a fit if we made him sit still. This top one is just classic Tyson pouting face!! That's my boy:)
Me and Jace. He was getting very sleepy by this point, and his little nose was running:)
Daddy and Jace. Jace forgot to look at the camera, go figure!
Tyson miraculously standing still!!! He would slow down for a few seconds at a time so I got this rare shot. He was pretty far away though so it is not the clearest. Anyway, we took tons more and I am really hoping there is at least one of all four of us that turns out decently:) Hopefully I will be able to share them soon. I am off to enjoy lunch with some friends while Silas holds down the fort for nap time at the house:)
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Friday, November 13, 2009


That pretty much sums up my life right now....nuts, crazy, frantic, chaotic, just pick your word!!! I feel like I am juggling a million things right now and at any moment several of them are threatening to crash down on me. Not a good feeling to say the least, but we are hanging in there. Lets see, here is a run down on what is going on with us the past few weeks.

House: still moving forward on the one we originally wanted. Offer still accepted. The hold up was with our financing. Through no fault of ours, but rather an incompetent lender here in town, we have been waiting for over 3 weeks to hear any kind of approval of our financing, which everything else is waiting on to progress. Our stuff is fine, she just lost her underwriter and they don't know what they are doing anymore!! As of yesterday we still had no answer (even after marching into her office last week and politely asking what the hold up was and getting more empty promises and run around), so we decided to pull out and go with a different lender. The catch is we have to have our financing in place no later than oh Tuesday of next week so we can close on the new house and have somewhere to move to, so no stress there!!! And the old lender has all our original copies of everything we needed and can't get it back to us til next week, so we spent all day today re-gathering everything we could. It should all work out fine, but the stress of having it pile up until the absolute LAST minute is super stressful. Oh, and we now have to pay to put a new roof on the house, and the labor is going to be double what we thought. I am more than ready for December 17th to come and go and hopefully get both houses closed on and be done with this process for good!!! My dad has always told me "at least 10 major things will fall through/apart when you are trying to close a deal before you actually do," and boy is he right!!! Hopefully we are at 9 or 10 and can move smoothly from here on out:)

Work: My new job at church is going well. It is a very different pace and setting from my regular counseling, and I really enjoy that. Much less paperwork!!! Which moves me to my other job. Of course while my life is crazy right now, they decide to make some MAJOR changes at work. Our office is going paperless and we are in the middle of switching everything over to electronic medical records. Um, as most of you know, I am technologically ignorant and this is a major stress to me!!! I had to buy a laptop for all my paperwork and as of Monday I can no longer turn anything in handwritten. Yikes!!! Especially considering I only had a 30 minute training on the computer stuff which was also the first time I ever laid eyes on the system!!! That was Wednesday and everything went into effect Friday. It is taking me ten times longer to do anything that used to be simple which frankly I really don't have time for right now. Plus, sometimes the system glitches and your work gets lost in cyberspace, which I also don't have time for!!! So, work is pretty high on my stress level right now. I am really hoping everything gets faster and simpler once I figure out what I am doing:)

Kids: My kids are my happy spot, except when they are driving me crazy too:) Just kidding. Tyson has been a doll this past week and has been super loving and sweet and I want to freeze him this way forever! He says "I love you mama!!!" before he runs out of the room. He has even sat in my lap a few times and has been a sweet helper around the house. We are moving towards actually "trying" to potty train him, whatever that may bring. Of course I was waiting til after Jace was born, and now we are trying to get through the move and the holidays and hopefully life will calm down and we can work on that area:) Jace is a precious sweet little thing and a total mama's boy, and I love it. He is 11 weeks old this week. He is still nursing and doing well. He is on a 4 hour schedule and you could almost set your clock by his eating habits! He has just this week started what we consider sleeping through the night. He goes to bed anywhere between 7 and 8 pm and gets up around 7:30 am. I have stopped his night feedings, but we still have to "plug him in" about 3 times a night when he loses his paci and can't settle down. Luckily he usually sleeps solid until about 330am and that's when the plugging in begins!!! I can't complain too much, but I still can't wait to go to bed and actually sleep until the morning:) He is a really happy baby and smiles and talks/coos at me all the time. I love it!!

Life in general: Everything is pretty good, just super busy and more things to get done than time in the day of course. And being tired doesn't help, but at least hopefully there is an end in sight and it will be here in just a few weeks!! We are having my parents come here for Thanksgiving this year and I am so excited!!! I am happy to not have to travel with the little kids, and to spend the holiday with my parents:) I definitely miss my sisters though. Silas' sister is coming back down here in a few weeks to help me out with the kids while I do some serious packing of the house. I can't get much done with two kids under 2 and they will be thrilled to have her visit while I do the dirty work:) I am super thankful she is coming and look forward to her visit. We are taking some family pictures in the morning and I am really hoping to get at least one decent one!! A friend is taking them for us and hopefully that will be laid back and Tyson might cooperate and look at the camera a time or two:) I am so excited because we really don't have any pictures of our family of four. I think that sums most everything up for now. Silas is still busy at work, we had a garage sale last weekend and cleaned out a bunch of junk and made a little money. We are just gearing up for the move, and the holidays. We will be traveling to Oklahoma for Christmas the day after we move, and have several Christmas parties with work and church planned which should be fun. Life is going at a frantic pace right now, but the end is in sight and I am just hanging on right now and trying to get there:) And making some attempt to try and enjoy things along the way!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My World

My 3 boys are my world. Ok, so one is a grown man, but still, I am surrounded by boy stuff:) And I absolutely adore it! Being a tomboy myself, it all feels very comfortable to me. I am so thankful to God for blessing me with every one of my guys:) They just light up my world and their smiles melt my heart. Isn't this little guy just precious?!?!
The only reason I caught Tyson's face here was because he was pushing me around the kitchen in the computer chair while I was taking it:)
Tyson still hates taking most pictures, and usually refuses to even look at the camera!!
Jace is still learning how to look at the camera:)
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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Pretty Woman

Well, we have officially introduced Tyson to the wonderful music of Roy Orbison, and he LOVES it!!! We have a greatest hits CD in the car that has become our new family favorite. Tyson adores "Only The Lonely", "Crying" and "Blue Angel" and of course "Pretty Woman." He sings along with the music the best he can and we have some silly hand gestures we do at certain parts, which he loves:) It is so fun to listen to things together as a family, especially music with such history for our family:) The best part is that I catch him humming the songs while he is playing around the house! He will bust out with a "sha la la la" every once in a while and it is so stinking cute!!! I really hope he gets the singing gene. He loves to sing and listen to music, and I love that about him.

On a totally separate note, here is a little update about the house situation. We put an offer on a house and it was accepted, but we ran into several things that need to be repaired on it when we had the inspection done last week. So, we are waiting to see if the sellers agree to fix everything or what. I am really hoping it doesn't fall through! We are moving out of this house in a little over 6 weeks and I really hope we don't have to start house hunting again between now and then! I have already started packing and things are moving along.