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Monday, January 19, 2009


I am still here and still trying to survive each day at a time. I have some really good days and then some terrible days, so it is pretty unpredictable. We have had a pretty busy week though, which was a good distraction for me. My parents came into town on Tuesday evening and babysat so Silas and I could go out for his birthday. We went to dinner and a movie, which we haven't done since before Ty was born! It was pretty strange being just the two of us, but I appreciated our little time together alone:) I also managed to work a few days, which was helpful!

I had my first doctor's appointment last Wednesday, and everything went well. He didn't do an ultrasound since he said they weren't very fun this early, all we would see was a blob! I go back in 4 weeks, and then at the appointment after that I get to find out the sex! Only 7 and a half more weeks to wait!!! That seems so fast already:) At this point I am still just trying to make it to 12 weeks so hopefully I will feel better. Only 2 and a half more weeks to go there. I don't really have a feeling about what this baby will be. Most people assume I want a girl since we have a boy, but I would be thrilled to have another little boy:) Whatever I get will be fabulous! I just can't wait to find out either way:) We are very efficient with names and already have them picked out, so once we know which one we will be using, we will let you know.

The home front is still a disaster, thanks to me not doing anything much around the house. It hasn't helped this week that Tyson is cutting his bottom molars either, and has been whining and crying a ton. And he is not sleeping well either. Uggghhh!! He has actually cut 4 teeth since Christmas I believe, so he is cruising right along in that department. He is 18 months old this week too, which is a big milestone! I am wanting to do a separate post on all that, so hopefully that will come in the near future! He is such a big boy!

Sorry for such a boring post with no pictures. I haven't been taking any lately so there wasn't anything to post really. Please just pray for me these next few weeks as I am really not functioning any where near what I want or need to be. I am starting to get pretty overwhelmed at all the things that need doing on a daily basis, plus the things that are accumulating as I just can't get to them right now. This is a hard place for me to be, and I really don't like it! My mom and dad got to see my house first hand for themselves, and they know I am not doing anything!!! Thanks for cleaning up for me mom!!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Big Brother!

Yep, my little man is about to become a big brother in August! I have been thinking of some cool and creative ways to make this announcement on here, but puking your guts out every other day really takes all the creativity right out of you! I FEEL AWFUL. I have the wonderful all day sickness, not just the morning. It was the same with Tyson, so no surprise there. But I have started throwing up a lot sooner with this one, which makes for one miserable momma. I am trying to survive this first trimester, and hopefully I will feel much better in a few weeks. Like my sister said, I am trying not to complain too much, but boy this takes the joy right out of ya some days:)
Right now I am sitting at almost 8 weeks, I think. I have my first doctors appointment next Wednesday which I am very excited about. I have high hopes of asking for some kind of medicine to keep this nausea a little more under control. My life right now is pretty much made up of laying around doing nothing....ok, ok, I do a lot of complaining:) Silas is terrific and is manning the home front for me. I don't know what I would do without him! I haven't done a load of laundry since Christmas and the pile in my closet floor is threatening to take over the whole house soon. Anything to do with food makes me sick, but I also get sick if I don't eat, so this has been a tricky little situation to deal with. I have found that Blue Bell chocolate ice cream makes me pretty happy, as well as apples, so I am sticking with that. Water makes me sick, but luckily milk does not, so I have also been chugging that pretty well.
Anything that has a smell must stay at least 20 feet away from me or I gag. This is also a very difficult situation, as food tends to smell. The smell also stays in your house when you cook, so PB and J sandwiches are also a new favorite around here. Unfortunately for Silas, my sweet little son can get pretty stinky at times, and I have not been able to even try to change a poopy diaper. Silas is on permanent poop patrol, which I love, but I am sure he hates! Oh, and yes, I have told Tyson about this situation and he is very cooperative with me to hold it all in until the afternoons when daddy gets home! I love that kid!
Other than my house looking like it has been taken over by aliens and feeling bad all day every day, we are doing great! I know this is temporary and am trying to humor my way through the next few weeks. Any prayers for me feeling better would be much appreciated as well, or tips on making me feel better. We are thoroughly thrilled about this new baby though, and are really looking forward to meeting the newest member of our family this summer:)
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Saturday, January 03, 2009

More Christmas

Here are a few of the pictures from our trip to Nashville. I realized while making this post that I don't have any of me with my sisters, or parents, or many of all the cousins together! So these will have to do for now. We went to Opryland Hotel to walk around and check out the beautiful lights one night, which was really fun. This has always been one of our family traditions, and it was nice to have Tyson along this time to get to enjoy the sights. (Even though he refused to stay in the stroller and wanted to run around pushing it:)
Getting ready to open gifts on Christmas morning at my parents house.
Tyson with his cousin Kaylee. They were jumping on this chair, and this picture was taken just moments before Tyson took a nose dive off and hit the floor with his face. Good times!
My nieces Kaylee and Kia. Aren't they beautiful?!?! Tyson had a great time running around like crazy and getting lots of attention. I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with my family and watch all the kiddos play too. I hate that I didn't get better pictures of all of us together, but I am glad for the ones I do have. Little Jude and Emily were so cute too, watching all the bigger kids run around and be loud. Their sweet little eyes were so big as they sat taking in all the craziness of my family!

My sisters and I all pitched in and got a photographer to come out to the house and take some family pictures as a gift for my parents this year. I am looking forward to seeing them soon. It was a really special time to be together and capture some of these moments in our ever-changing family:) Check the next post below for more pictures from our family Christmas.
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Christmas, finally!

I have taken forever to get these Christmas pictures posted. I have lots more too, so there will probably be several just picture posts soon. We had a great Christmas and really enjoyed Tyson this year as he was able to understand a little more about what was going on. He had fun unwrapping the gifts and eating lots of candy. I just have to take a minute to brag about little man from the picture above. My kid sat on Santa's lap and liked it!!!! That is 2 years in a row folks:) Of course Tyson has never met a stranger, so Santa was no different. It didn't hurt that the jolly man gave him a candy cane either! Several mothers standing in line with us started clapping when he got up in Santa's lap and wasn't crying, which of course egged Ty on, so he started grinning and clapping too. That's my boy:)
Here was Tyson's big gift from Santa. He loves it! We have already run into several walls in the house, so it has become an outside toy for now, or at least until he gets his driving skills a little more under control!
Once he got in the thing, we had a hard time getting him out to open any more gifts. He had to open his stocking while sitting in his jeep:)
This was from a couple days before Christmas when we got a huge sleet and ice storm. Tyson had a ball skating around on the ice while Silas pushed him around. It wore Silas out, but Tyson just giggled the whole time. It was adorable:) We had our little family Christmas the weekend before the 25th, and then headed to Nashville to be with my family.
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