/> SLO in Arkansas: October 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Terrible Two's

My oh my are we going through some terrible two's in our house lately!! My poor little Ty is such an emotional guy (wonder where he gets that from!) and has the hardest time controlling those emotions at times. There have been many tantrums lately as he pushes limits and struggles to figure out who is in charge at our house:) He has been making plenty of trips to his room to regain his self control lately, and today was no exception. As sad as it is, I thought I would share my pictures from today of all his crying fits!

Finally one of the little booger not crying! He is so happy most of the time, but he just gets so mad and frustrated when he can't do what he wants. He is learning to work it out and is doing better about telling us what he needs rather than just falling apart. I am definitely using my therapy phrases on him though.....he gets lots of "use your words" and "what is a better way to let me know what you want." Hopefully they will stick with him and some of these meltdowns will stop soon!

Check out the next post....I put up our Halloween pictures:)
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Halloween 2009

We had a super busy Halloween that was lots of fun! We went to the Fall Festival at our church where Tyson loaded up on candy and we ate dinner and played games. Jace was fascinated for a while at all the people, then fell asleep. Luckily we took our family picture when we first arrived while he was still up and kicking:)
Here is Tyson posing as a pumpkin head!!! I love it:) Silas did such a good job carving our pumpkin too.
My baby Jace's first Halloween. He got to carry on the tradition and wear the same pumpkin costume Tyson wore. Tyson only lasted about 5 minutes in it before he melted down crying. Jace did much better and was very cooperative with pictures:)
Our little fireman. We struggle with Halloween with Tyson because he doesn't like to wear costumes!! He hates things on his head and does not understand the rest of the outfits either! He only wore his costume for a while, mostly because we told him he had to wear it to get candy:) He cried every time we put it on him, poor guy. Hopefully next year he will understand a little better and be able to enjoy dressing up. He got the "trick-or-treat" phrase down this year, and sure liked getting candy in his bucket since he knows what that is:)

After the festival we headed back home and trick-or-treated in our neighborhood. We only made it to a few houses before it became obvious that we were getting close to bedtime. Overall the boys did great though, and it was an enjoyable day.
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

JB 2 month stats

My little Jace is already 2 months old!!! He was 9 weeks on Wednesday this week, and we went in for his 2 month shots this morning. He is still growing well and handled the shots as well as could be expected. Luckily Tyson is at school today so I have been able to love on him extra with no distractions:)
And the stats are:

weight: 11.7 pounds
height: 23.5 inches

He is still a big kid (75-95th percentile) in both height and weight. The little sucker has almost outgrown his 0-3 month clothes already just due to his height. He is really long!!! We have been putting him in 3-6 month clothes already and they aren't overwhelming him really. I think he will be longer and skinnier than Tyson, but we will see. One more fun fact...he slept 8 hours in a row last night, and is working on not feeding during the night! Some nights he makes it all night, but others he still needs to eat. He has managed to work his way into our bed for the last 2 hours or so before we wake up, but he sleeps well with us so it's not too bad:)
We had a little pumpkin photo shoot, but he wouldn't look at the camera! I will get more pictures of him in his real costume soon:) We are planning to attend the Fall Festival at our church, and then trick-or-treat around our neighborhood before bed. Should be fun if the weather cooperates.
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Boy Time

It was a cold rainy day hanging out with my boys today. They both have colds from house hunting in the rain the past few days, but nothing too major. Tyson destroyed the house and Jace wanted to be held all day. It was a good day:) oh yeah, we made an offer on a house tonight!!! Just waiting to hear if they accept or counter, so hopefully we will know something by the end of the weekend! I really hope we get this one....it seems to fit our needs and personalities pretty well, which is all we could hope for:) Hopefully I can post some pictures of it soon. . . . . . until then, enjoy pictures of my handsome little men:)

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh Good Grief!

So we went into this whole "listing the house" thing hoping to downsize and get out from under some debt, which is all well and good. The only thing I told Silas when we decided to give our realtor the green light to list it, was "I want to spend the holidays in this house." That is because I LOVE the house, and I LOVE decorating for the holidays even more:) So with the market being slow and several other houses on our same street having been on the market for months and months, I figured that would be no problem. Nope, we accepted an offer on the place Sunday night! So, while this is all very exciting and a little overwhelming to say the least, my life now gets even crazier:) We are set to close December 18th, which is the Friday right before Christmas. But wait, it gets better. We leave for Oklahoma to spend Christmas with Silas' family on the morning of the 19th! So I am not really sure when we will be moving, but we have to be out by the 18th, so it may be a little tricky. Needless to say I don't think I will get to decorate either this house or the new one for Christmas, which makes me a little sad. But it is just for one year, and I am just sure I will get over it! So whoo hooo, we sold our house....assuming everything goes well and closes on time, etc.

Now I am going through the house figuring out what we can sell and get rid of at a garage sale in a few weeks since we will have less space. After that purging of junk comes the joy of packing. I was thinking about it last night and realized that this will be the 3rd house Silas and I have lived in since we have been married (the one we move into from here.) We have only been married 7 1/2 years. But we have also lived in 3 apartments during that time too!! So this will be our 6th move in 7 years. That makes me really tired. And you wonder why I keep saying I don't ever want to move again!! The problem is we are only planning to be in the next place 3-5 years (hopefully) and then move again, so I can't rest just yet:)

Ok, moving right along to the next crazy part of life. I just started my 3rd part time job yesterday:) I am doing some therapy at the Better Life Counseling Center at the church we attend. For now it is just on Mondays, but I am hoping to move into 2 days a week there and 3 days a week at my other job. Then continue to do some adoption home studies on the side when they come up. I have only seen one client so far, but I LOVED it:) It is so totally different from the other counseling I do, and a very good change. So, life is busy busy and we are full steam ahead at all times, but LIFE IS GOOD!!! God has been so faithful and blesses us so much every single day in ways that allow us to be together as a family and enjoy life despite our crazy schedules. The little boys are happy and healthy and we are hoping these changes/sacrifices now will put us in a much better and less stressed position for the future.

Monday, October 19, 2009

More Pumpkin Pictures

The guys went out into the patch to search for the perfect pumpkin while I stayed with the baby:) Silas found a great pumpkin out in the middle of the patch:)
Tyson helping daddy show mama our pumpkin
Little man pulling the wagon with our pumpkin out of the patch
Tyson LOVED the merry-go-round!!! He played on it for a long time while we were there. I was glad to see it since there aren't that many around anymore! Look at my dirty little boys knees on his pants too....gotta get in the dirt if you are playing outside:)
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

We packed up the boys and headed to the pumpkin patch this morning. I was so glad the rain was finally gone, and things weren't too muddy. It was a gorgeous fall day, cool and breezy. Tyson loved running around like crazy and would not sit still long for pictures, much less look at the camera:) It was over an hour drive out to Augusta, but the boys did great and it was a wonderful day for a drive so we all enjoyed our outing.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

I usually don't mind rainy days so much. That was before I had an extremely active (wild) toddler who needs to run like crazy on a daily basis to get his energy out. So needless to say, 2 weeks of rain that has confined us to the house has slowly been wearing on me. This morning Tyson just about went crazy jumping off furniture and running like mad. And throwing tantrums over every little thing. I thought I was going to lose my mind. Luckily it wasn't raining after dinner and we got out and ran him around the block! Hopefully tomorrow will be better:) I think the fresh air was good for Jace too:) He kicked his little legs while riding in his stroller. I sure hope it dries out soon before we all go crazy!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Comparing Looks

Here are a few pictures of Tyson around the same age Jace is now. I was just looking back to see if they look similar at this age. I can definitely tell Jace has his own look, and am interested to see how he changed over this first year. The first 3 pictures are Tyson, and the last is Jace:) One thing is for sure, they both have the same crazy hair line and cowlick!!!

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My Boys

We have had quite a few rainy lazy days around here over the past 2 weeks, so me and the boys have spent some quality time around the house hanging out in our pajamas:) I am trying to remember to get some pictures of their cuteness, but sometimes we are having too much fun and I just forget.

You can't really tell from this picture, but Tyson got his first busted lip yesterday. We were already having "one of those days" where I was just really looking forward to Silas getting home, when I heard Tyson start screaming. I picked him up for a hug and when he picked his head up there was blood all over his face and all over my shirt. I still don't know what happened, but I think he actually ran into the edge of the kitchen table. It sure is unsettling to see blood all over your toddler, even though you know it's not a horrible injury. Tyson plays so rough that I am sure we will have more blood in the future, which I am not looking forward to at all!!
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Thursday, October 01, 2009

5 week stats

Just a quick update from our doctors visit today for Jace's one month appointment.
weight: 10 lbs 9 ozs- about 60th percentile
length: 23 inches- 75th percentile
head: 15 cm- 50th percentile

So there you have it. We have another big boy on our hands:) I am glad to hear he is doing well. The doctor said he has excellent head and neck control already too....which is no surprise. Tyson always had to be looking around to see what was going on and apparently Jace does too! I knew he was growing a lot this week when I had to pack up some of the onesies he wore when we first brought him home that have gotten too small. I am shocked that he is already outgrowing things!!! I am definitely enjoying having a little baby a million times more this time around and it seems like it is going so fast. Jace also started smiling this week and it's adorable! I will work hard to catch it on camera at some point:)