/> SLO in Arkansas: December 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Lodge

Here are some pictures of the lodge we rented for Christmas. It was in Broken Bow Oklahoma. There were 17 of us that stayed there and it was great!! There were wonderful porches all around the house, a hot tub outside, fire pit and grill area, and tons of room to run and play.

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Oklahoma Christmas

We packed up and headed to Oklahoma this year for Christmas 2 days after moving into the new house to spend time with the Orbison side of the family. Our family has gotten too big to all meet together at someone's house, so this year we decided to start a new tradition and we rented a lodge where we could all stay. It was great! The lodge was beautiful, the weather was great, and we had a wonderful time catching up with family. The owners of the lodge even had it decorated for the holidays which made it even more festive:)
I have lots of pictures to share, but will have to do it over several posts. We were there from Saturday until Wednesday the week of Christmas, and then headed home to spend Christmas Eve and Day in our own homes. It worked out great! We were able to play lots of games, eat yummy food, and spend time around the fire. The cousins had a ball playing together and Tyson loved running around with the big kids. He hasn't stopped talking about the "cousins" since we left! Jace got plenty of loving from all family members and was spoiled in general. He didn't sleep very well in his pack n' play unfortunately for us, but has been very happy to be back in his own crib at home:)
The cousins made Santa sacks and they were filled with stocking stuffers. It was a fun craft and the kids loved their gifts:)
I loved this picture of Tyson walking with his cousin Danny. It is so sweet to watch my kids with their extended family, and to see how easily they get along and love each other, even though we don't see them nearly enough during the year. Our kids are the youngest of all the cousins and the other kids are so sweet and protective of them. We really enjoyed our time together for Christmas and look forward to making this a tradition for years to come:)
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Moving Day

Well we don't actually pack the truck until tomorrow, but by then my computer will be packed up so I thought I should do the post today! I can't believe we are moving! I have been fighting different emotions all week about it, and am sure more will come up once we are actually gone. This has been such a good house, and one we put so much of ourselves into. I have always been sentimental about leaving houses, but this one even more so since we designed the floor plan and picked every single last detail out ourselves when building it. I know why we are doing this, but some days it still seems a little sad. With that said, I am ready to get moving and make the new house house our "home." We haven't been inside it for about 2 months, so I am anxious to get back over there and see it!

Here was a random picture of me and Silas before my work Christmas party this year:) Speaking of Christmas, Tyson is starting to understand some of it this year, which has been fun! My favorite thing is that he can't say Christmas, but he calls it Prissmas!!! He loves looking at the lights and yells.." OOOOO...look at the pretty Prissmas lights!!" I love it:) I have tried to be as festive as possible this year but it has just been tough with having to move. I had to un-decorate the tree yesterday and take it down to move, which was a little sad. I guess I will put it back up in the new house because I have to have a tree for Christmas morning!! Luckily the kids are little and don't understand much yet, so it's not a bad year to have to have a weird holiday:) Things have been really busy and a bit chaotic lately, but we are doing great nevertheless and I am so thankful for that. Hopefully the move will go as smoothly as possible this week and we will be settled soon. I look forward to posting some pictures of the new house after we get moved and unpacked a bit!
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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Future Predictions

So I was browsing a website tonight and came across a height predictor calculator for your kid based on parents height, their current height, etc. I entered Tyson's information in and this thing tells me that Tyson has a 90% chance of being somewhere within 2 inches of 6 feet 6 inches tall by the time he is 18 years old!!! Wow! So I have a very tall teenager to look forward to:) Only 16 more years to go to see how accurate this prediction will be:)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! I know I am a little late posting that, but better late than never:) Here are a few pictures from our wonderful holiday. We loved having my parents here and the boys loved getting spoiled by Memaw and G-Daddy!! Jace especially loved being held for his naps and his favorite place was on Memaw's lap:)
Tyson chowing down on Thanksgiving dinner.
My boys. They are already "playing" together as best they can, which usually means Tyson is trying to sit on Jace! The phrase..."Don't squish the baby!" is very common in our house:) Jace loves Tyson for the most part, but occasionally when Jace is trying to eat or go to sleep and Tyson is being especially loud or in his face, you can hear the poor baby start to pant and breathe heavily when Tyson starts getting near him!! He gets really nervous, the poor thing!
Boys being boys! I thought the kids were cute in their diapers, and of course one of the few times Tyson decides to actually look at the camera he sticks his finger half way to China up his nose:) Gotta love em!
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