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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Going the Distance

or at least half the distance!! I just registered for my first half marathon!!! I am still freaking out just a little bit, but it is just nervous and excited all at once. I have a 12 week training program and I have finished 6 weeks of it, so I feel pretty good about the rest. The mileage definitely goes up a lot these next 6 weeks, but then it will all be over. I run November 6th. I still think 13.1 miles sounds pretty intimidating, especially to someone who doesn't feel like a runner. But I have run 7 miles already and know my training will get me there just fine. I found a race time predictor and based on my 5k times it says I should finish the half in 2 hours and six minutes. We will see how close to that I get on race day!! I have heard lots of good things about this race and am really hoping for a very positive experience. For now my focus is to complete the training as scheduled and not hurt myself between now and then. I most likely will not run any more 5k races between now and then so I can focus on the proper training. And the weather finally broke today and it was a fabulous fall day. I hope the next month or so stays the same. Wow I am excited!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Boys

Just a few quick pics of the boys the past week or so. Look at what a little man Jace is!! It is really starting to hit me lately that I no longer have a baby in the house. This is not a good thing!! I am fighting that feeling and winning at this point, thank goodness:) Not ready for #3 just yet. This was before church on Sunday. They were watching TV but at least I got their faces!!!
Brotherly love:)
My little big boy:) He runs everywhere, climbs on everything and jumps off the couch constantly. I definitely have two very active little boys on my hands. Of course he has to do everything big brother does too!!
Here is Tyson running the finish line while they were waiting for me to finish my 5k on Saturday. He absolutely loves the races and pretends everything is a finish or starting line now. The boys are doing great and keep me busy non-stop. I am really looking forward to the heat breaking soon so we can enjoy some more outdoor fall activities.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Here are some random finish line pictures from my last two 5k's. I ran these the past back to back weekends, which I find amusing seeing the time differences! The slower time was just an awful race. I didn't decide to run it until the night before, so I really wasn't mentally ready to race. Then it was pouring down rain the whole time, and it was part trail run. I don't do off road trail running, so this was NOT fun. Since I have had two knee surgeries and have two bad ankles, picking my way over rocks and uneven terrain is about the last thing I should be doing. Luckily it was just for one mile, but enough to make me never want to run another one again! The reason my time was so bad was that I got lost in the woods:) Yeah. Well, not really lost per se, but misdirected by the course person! The trail was a bit unclear and I was sent the wrong direction and ended up running about a quarter mile extra as a result. At one point me and another guy were just standing there while two race officials tried to figure out where we needed to go. Needless to say it ruined my time completely, but oh well. It was a race for a good cause and I learned not to run on trails anymore! I do like this picture because it shows me blowing past this guy at the end. Since this race was sponsored by my work, I earned some definite bragging rights at the office and get to make fun of co-workers who got beat by a girl:)

The top picture is my finish from this Saturday morning. It was my new personal record!!! Once again I am totally freaked out by how evenly matched my training partner Amy and I are!! Look at our finish in this race! We hit the line at the same time:) I think out of the three races we have run together there may be only one or two seconds difference in our times combined. That is just really crazy to me:) Anyway, these aren't the prettiest pictures, but hey, at least I finished and I am improving. I think my pace for this last race was around an 8:48 mile, which I am happy with. I hit the first mile at 8:19 and slowed down a little from there, which is fine. I have never run a mile faster than 7 minutes and something seconds, which was at the peak of my fitness in high school and college soccer, so to be that close at this point in my life is not bad:) At least I don't think so! I need to go out and just run a flat mile to see what my time would be. Then I would have a better comparison. Anyway, I plan to sit the race this weekend out. I am tired and don't want to race three weekends in a row. The old body needs a little break. Plus I have been trying to get a few more miles in each week on my bike and my poor little legs can only do so much! I did a very hilly 6 miles today and it felt great. Besides the fact that it was about 94 degrees when I rode this afternoon. Yuck! Oh yeah, I also did my first swim last week. I guess you can say I have officially started my triathlon training since I have done all three events now. Amy and I ran and then swam, which was fun. I am not too worried about the swimming. My main goal is not to drown, and to not get out of the water last. Other than that I should be fine. I think I am a fairly decent swimmer so I am not too worried. I may be wrong though!! The plan is to train in all three events over the winter (well not much swimming I guess) and then hit things pretty hard in the spring to get ready for some tri's in May, June and July. My goal is to do one. If I like it enough I will do another one! I am toying with the idea of doing P90x during the worst winter months (or Insanity) to get my fitness and strength training in when the weather is bad. I hate the cold so I won't be doing much running or riding for a bit. I would love to get a bike trainer though, and be able to ride indoors. May have to look into that one:) So many toys and so many gadgets involved! I am having a ball though and loving this new phase in my life so much:)

Monday, September 13, 2010

I Love My Bike

So here it is y'all. My lovely and super fast road bike!! It is a Trek Lexa. I have named her Lexi:) We are having lots of fun together so far. Anyway, I am really only having time to ride once or twice a week at this point. I am still running 3-4 days a week and it just doesn't leave a lot of time to do both. Plus this is definitely a daylight hours activity, and we are losing daylight like crazy, so finding time to get my rides in has been a little tricky. This past week I did a 6 mile route with some hills, and an easy flat 10 miles. I have ridden a few times with a beginners group in town, but they are a tad slow for me at times so I am hoping to get a new group of ladies from our church together to ride on the weekends:) I am having lots of fun and I have found cycling to be an excellent cross training activity for my running. I ran a 5k on Saturday morning and then did the 10 miles with no problem that afternoon, so it works out well that I can do both activities easily. I have yet to do the two events back to back, but I hope to soon in starting my triathlon training.
Here is about the only picture you will get of my riding gear! This was after I had come back from a ride. I look so cool in my helmet I probably shouldn't post it on here!! I do have some fabulous gloves which really help my grip. Right now I am riding in my tennis shoes but will go to riding shoes that clip in once I figure out how to not fall over with my feet attached to the bike:) Other than that everything is good. I am still learning the art of gear shifting and pedals per minute and all the other technical things that go with it. I just like it because I can go fast! As far as running goes, I have a 5k the next 2 weekends and then get a little break until October. I plan to run a 10k in November, and was planning to run the St. Jude half marathon in December, but it was full when I went to register. Now I am not too sure if I will fit a half marathon in this year or just wait until next spring and find a fun one. Guess it depends on how my training goes between now and then:) I am really trying to place in at least one 5k this year (top 3 in my age group). Every race I come in 4th, 5th or 6th so far! I am close, but there are some super tough women that always beat me out of that top 3!! One of these races I am going to catch one of them though!!
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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

First Day of School

The boys started Mother's Day Out last week. I can't believe they are in school already!! They go Tuesday and Thursday from 9:15-2:15. Here is Tyson excited to leave for his first day:)
Brothers playing around before school.
This was about the best picture I could get of a very active one year old!! He did fabulous and didn't even cry when I dropped him off. Both boys have loved their classrooms and teachers so far, which is great. It is definitely easier leaving Jace for a few hours when I know he has his big brother down the hall:)
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Happy First Birthday Jace!!

We celebrated Jace's first birthday on August 26th. He loved his cake and dove right in. He was so cute!! He was pretty proud of his mess too.

My mom was in town and it was so much fun to celebrate our sweet little boy together. Jace is such a special part of our family and we love our little guy to pieces!!
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