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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Springing Forward

I am going to go ahead and tentatively call winter over.....finally!!  We had another crazy ice/sleet storm 2 weeks ago that kept us out of school for the entire week.  This winter has been crazy!!!  But the sun is now shining and there are pretty flowers starting to bloom and I have packed the heavy winter coats away for good (hopefully).  I am excited to be able to get outside more, and so are the boys:)  There has already been a lot of bike riding this past week.

I will do an official 6 month old post on Knox after he goes to his doctor's appointment.  How in the world is my baby going to be 6 months old this week?!?!?  He is growing up way. too. fast.  Here are some things about Knox at 5 months old.   He started eating solids about 3 weeks ago and LOVES food.  I have only given him veggies (sweet potatoes and carrots) so far, as well as oatmeal cereal, but he is pleased with everything and scarfs it all down.  I am making his baby food at home, and have really enjoyed it so far!  It's been easy and I feel good about it.  I will start him on fruit soon, and we plan to try avocado this week for something green:)  He continues to nurse daily and take bottles that I pump for him.  To be honest, there are definitely days where I just feel "done" with pumping and ready to quit.  It is very time consuming and I feel like I am tied to my pumping schedule.  I also have to pump at work, which can be tricky and challenging at times, but so far I am making it work.  Despite all the challenges, I am not ready to give up and will continue on as long as I can.  I know it is so good for him and that is the most important thing to me:)  Little man has gotten FAT and I love it:)  He has lots of rolls on his chubby little thighs that I adore.  I am anxious to see how much he weighs at his check up.  He is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes as well.  He has been rolling over both ways consistently the past week or so and has been showing off his new skills in the middle of the night!  He rolls over in his crib and gets stuck on his back and fusses until we put him back on his tummy.  He did sleep better last night so hopefully he is finished showing off:)  Just like his brothers, he is busy busy and loves the jump-a-roo.  That thing has been a life saver for all my boys!  He is also sitting pretty well unsupported.  He tumps over, but it doesn't seem to bother him too much.  He will be crawling before I know it.

The big boys are doing great.  They have been taking swimming lessons at my gym and are doing awesome!  Tyson is learning the basics for stroke development as well as rotary breathing.  Jace is still learning how to swim in general but has already come a long way in just a few lessons.  He is fearless in the water and very bent on "doing it on his own."  That boy!!  Hopefully we will get some good pool time in this summer and they can show off their new skills.  We had parent/teacher conferences this week and they both got fabulous reports from their respective teachers.  I know my kids are smart and funny and I adore them, but it just warms my heart to hear how well behaved, helpful, kind and smart they are in class as well.  Jace misses the kindergarten cut off by 3 weeks because of his birthday, so he has to go another full year of pre-k.  His teacher this year said it was such a shame, because she feels he is completely ready both academically as well as socially, even being one of the youngest kids in her class.  Hopefully he will have another great year and it will provide him a great foundation.  They both love school, their teachers, and learning.  I am so very thankful!!  We have a magnet school system here in town where we are able to choose out of 5 elementary schools for our kids to attend.  We went to several of the preview nights and it was a very difficult decision, but we finally picked the school we felt would best meet the needs of our boys.  Silas had to stand in line at 6:30am to make sure we got our first choice!  We haven't heard officially,  but feel pretty confident we will get in:)  Tyson is really excited for the 1st grade.  I'm trying not to think about next school year.....I will have 3 boys at 3 different schools.  Just thinking about the drop offs and pick-ups wears me out!  Thank goodness Silas is awesome and helps with all that!! 

Well this has turned into a much longer post than I anticipated.  We are busy but good!  My running is going well and I was finally able to get off the treadmill and run 8 miles with my old running partner outside last weekend.  I met her at 6:30am and we chatted the miles away before breakfast.  It was just what I needed and I have missed running with her so much.  Between us both having babies the past 2 years it has been about that long since we have run together....crazy!!  My half marathon is coming up in 4 weeks and I am excited and a bit nervous.  Pretty sure it is going to hurt but I will be glad to have my first race back post-partum:) Now just to decide what to tackle next!!


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