/> SLO in Arkansas: February 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Rewind

Check out my new aerobars on the bike! I have been loving them so far, and am excited to have them for my race. They may not seem too exciting, but will definitely help me ride faster, so I am thrilled with them.

I also decided this week to take the plunge and upgrade my wheels and tires. I was going to replace my tires anyway to make sure I had some good new ones for the race, so I figured I would splurge and get new wheels too. Best decision ever! I have only been on the bike once since I got them, but I can already tell they are awesome and worth it! I can ride much faster at an easier pace. It dropped 2.2 pounds of weight from my bike as well, which is a lot less to pull around for hours:) I am really happy with the upgrades on my bike:)

February Rewind:

Swim: 14, 950 m (9.34 miles)

Bike: 9 hours 20 min (mostly on trainer/ 6 miles of hills on the road)

Run: 57 miles

Rest days: 6

Not really much change from last month, but at least I am consistent! I have not been feeling very well for the past 2 weeks (run down, exhausted, head cold, sore throat, etc) which has made it hard to get through some of those 4:30 am wake -up calls and workouts. But I am getting them done. I have been working more too, so I am trying not to stress about the numbers and just focus on quality workouts that are consistent. I am feeling much more confident about the swimming, and hope my head stays focused and on track in that department. I can't believe tomorrow is March and I will be in Texas at the end of the month for the race! I am actually running a 10k this weekend in Little Rock, but just going to enjoy it and have fun. It should be a nice change from running in the dark at 5am:) Only a few more weeks left of training!!!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Babies

My babies are getting to be such big boys. I guess it doesn't help that my baby boy is huge! He is basically the same size as Tyson, but just has shorter arms and legs! They are only about 3 or 4 pounds apart in weight, and can wear the same size t-shirts. Jace is in 4t and Tyson wears size 5. I just bought them new bathing suits for the summer and they both got the same size.

They are wild and busy as ever these days. There is lots of jumping off furniture, hopping, and running through the house. We have discovered a series called Mighty Machines on the xbox which they are both crazy about. Each video features a different kind of machine or equipment and how it works. We have watched them all a million times, and they can tell you everything and anything about all of them. Tyson is loving his pre-k class and learning so much. They are working on writing and I have recently started trying to teach him some sight words while we read books at night. He does pretty well, but has a short attention span sometimes:)

Jace loves school too and has learned lots of new songs that he likes to sing. He has finally started sleeping a little better, but some mornings I still find them both up at 5am singing at the tops of their lungs, running, or snacking. Thankfully these episodes are getting fewer and further between. This kid eats like crazy and never stops all day. He walks around 10 minutes after a meal saying, "mom, I am sooo hungry!" If we could just convince him to use his silverware he might seem a little bit more civilized at the table, but he shoves food in with both hands if he can get away with it. He is a MESS!

I love these boys so much, and they love each other. They fight like crazy, but are the best of friends. They have the cutest conversations with each other, and Tyson is such a mother hen to Jace. He is bossy and nurturing and protective and provoking, just like a good big brother should be:)

The days seem to be going by so fast. Things are busy and good. We are so thankful for good health, jobs, friends, and church. It feels as though we may be seeing the beginning of spring around here and I am so happy to see the sun shinning and feel it warming up. We are ready to spend some more time outside!
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Life with Boys

The boys always seem to get into things while I am away at work in the afternoons. They wait until Silas is working on supper and then become mischievous little things and get in all sorts of trouble. Tyson decided to cut Jace's hair last week with the scissors and took a few chunks out in several areas.

Poor Silas was upset and thought I would be too when I got home. I just laughed and said....shave it off!

Jace was soooo excited to be getting a haircut like Tyson and daddy. He couldn't stop grinning and talking about it.

Proud little man with his new buzzed head. Please excuse the filthy dirty face. We had just finished supper and cut his hair before bath time.

Brothers with buzzed heads:) And dirty faces.

Tyson proudly showing off the result of his handiwork with the scissors. I am hoping there will not be any future incidents!
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

All In....Ironman Style

I went all in yesterday, finally pulling the trigger and registering for my first 70.3 half ironman. I will be completing the Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas on April 1st in Galveston, TX. Lord willing!

I met a man last week down at my local bike shop and we started chatting about my mental weirdness over my swim issues. Turns out he happens to be a swimmer. Like went to college on a swimming scholarship. Like has completed 9 FULL IRONMAN events, including going to Kona. Wow! He gave me a few swimming tips and then casually throws out an offer to swim with me and see if he can fix my stroke, or at least my head.

I had such a bad experience with my first and only "swim lesson" that I was pretty hesitant to try again. But I didn't want to be a quitter, so I called him up and scheduled a 5am swim meet-up with this random guy. Best. decision. ever! I was nervous just to be in the water with such a great athlete, but figured he could at least tell me I had no chance, or give me a little of my confidence back. He was so encouraging and patient and nice:) He watched me swim one lap, told me to do one thing differently, and fixed like 90% of what I had been doing wrong. It was amazing:) We swam for about an hour or so together, and he would just watch me off and on and tweak things here and there. I left the pool and came home and announced to Silas when I walked through the door...."We are going to Texas!"

I am super excited and a tad overwhelmed to say the least. This is such a big event, and that in and of itself makes me that much more nervous! It is a qualifying race for Kona, and in addition, it was just announced that Lance Armstrong is also registered to race, so that will draw a bigger crowd. Definitely a change from the all female little super sprint tri I raced last summer. Of course my first and only objective for this race is to actually finish. I am just getting my feet wet with this endurance training and I have to start somewhere. I have some time goals in mind, but overall I just want to get out of the water alive, try not to get a flat tire, and still be able to run well at the end and cross the finish line. Then I will be an Ironman, or at least half of one!!! 6 more weeks until I will be toeing the line of the biggest athletic event of my life so far.....I am pumped!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Jace

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Monday, February 13, 2012

My Rock Star Husband

Have I mentioned how awesome my husband is lately?? Check out this little number he built for the boys last week. I came home from work one afternoon and he took me to the garage to check it out.

It is none other than a fabulous rock, sand, gravel table complete with digging tools and equipment. Oh my goodness, my boys are IN LOVE with this thing!!

They have spent hours out in the garage digging, scooping and playing together quite nicely all week. Silas was also rock star enough to bring home a wonderful space heater so the garage stays pretty warm while they are playing. They like to bundle up for fun:)

Have I mentioned how much I have gotten done around the house since we have had this thing??!! Now I can scoot the boys out to the garage to play, and get the laundry done, clean up, and not worry about them destroying another room of the house! They can come in and out as they please, and it keeps them entertained for hours.

Of course we have the occasional someone dumping a load of sand on his brother's head, fighting over the tools, etc, but for the most part, it has been amazing! I am constantly thankful for Silas and his creativity and ability to think of a fun concept and make it happen:) The boys think it is a wonderful treat, and it is a welcome change from being inside the house all day when it's too cold to actually get out in the "real dirt" and play:)
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Saturday, February 04, 2012

January Rewind

Running: 82.46 miles

Bike: 7.92 hours (trainer or at spin class)

Swim: 14,600 meters (9.13 miles)

Rest days: 4

So overall it was a pretty good month. I feel great about my running, since I only run 2 days a week! Time on my bike needs to double, and I am pretty sure I swam all 9 miles of my laps with very incorrect form, but at least I swam them:) I just finished up a recovery week, which was much needed. I do have to say, rest days are not good for me at all mentally.....I NEED to sweat! I feel pretty rested and ready to tackle this coming week head on.....week #9....bring it:)