/> SLO in Arkansas: July 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prayer Request

Please please pray for my family right now. There are a lot of people hurting for so many reasons and I would really appreciate it if you could keep us all covered in prayer whenever you think about it. Thanks so much.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tyson Turns 3!!

I really wish I could stop this kid from growing up so fast. Three years have flown by it seems. Tyson is such a precious part of my life and I just adore being his mom. We started off his birthday week with a family trip to Chuck E Cheese for dinner Monday night. The boys had a blast playing games, winning tickets, eating pizza and just running wild for a while. Since it was a weeknight there were not many others there, which was super nice!
Tuesday night we celebrated his actual birthday with his party at home. He was very patient waiting all day long to have his cake and presents. My dad was in town and Tyson was thrilled to have his G-daddy there for his birthday! After supper we had cake, ice cream and presents. Tyson did great blowing out his candle and opening his gifts. He was very excited about his new Toy Story DVD. Jace was a hoot while we were eating cake. I didn't plan to give him any, but that kid just knew we were eating something awesome and begged at every one's feet until poor mom finally gave in and gave him a little:) Of course he loved it, so he should have a blast at his own birthday next month!
Tyson having fun on the rides at Chuck E Cheese.
His birthday cake. We used his Geo Tracks train set to make him a train cake, which he loved!! His little face just lit up so big when we brought the cake out and sang Happy Birthday to him. It was just precious. He has grown and changed so much this past year in so many ways that it is hard to keep up. He is such a joy to me and Silas, and we are so thankful that God has blessed us with this sweet little guy in our lives. I am looking forward to another year and all the fun that "3" will hold for us!
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

What We've Been Up To

The summer just keeps rolling on around here and we are still having a blast. Here a couple of things we have been up to over the past several weeks. First off was "Dress like a cow day" at Chik-Fil-A!!!! It was cow appreciation day and if you dressed up and came in to eat, you got free food. I am all about a free meal out, so I dressed up the entire family like cows, and off we went. Yes, even Silas was sporting his white t-shirt and cow spots!!! He just didn't want any proof of it so he took the picture:) All four of us received a free meal, so we saved over $20 for taping our spots to our shirts. I have some ears on my visor in case you can't see them too:) It was fun and Tyson enjoyed getting his face painted while we were there. He HATED the cow there though, and screamed any time it came near us. Jace loved it though, go figure.
Last week was our famous VBS at Southwest....WOW (Wonders of the Word). I didn't get any pictures of the kids in their cute shirts, but maybe I can dress them back up and do that! I worked in the nursery with Jace's class, and Silas helped out in the 5th grade. It was a crazy busy and long week to say the least, but the boys loved every minute of it and had a blast learning about Daniel. Our theme this year was "Dare to be a Daniel." Everyone met together in the auditorium at the end for fun, skits and singing. I did manage to get a picture of that. We averaged between 1,200 and 1,400 people in attendance every night I believe, and it is loud and crazy and fun!!! The boys are still recovering and I think we are finally getting back to a normal sleeping schedule this week.
I took this picture of the boys this morning while they were playing. They have a good time around the house and keep each other company, which I enjoy. Most days I am a referee trying to keep the fights down, but they usually play well together. They love each other though, and I am enjoying watching them grow up together and be brothers:)
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Monday, July 12, 2010

The 4th of July

Did not start off too promising to say the least! We hitched up the boat, loaded the truck and took off Friday morning for the lake with hopes of being on the water in a couple of hours after catching a quick bite for lunch in town. Things did not go nearly as planned, but the weekend still turned out fun anyway. About 30 minutes down the road (and maybe 10 minutes after Jace finally went to sleep), we managed to completely shred our tire on the boat trailer. We had to drive 5 mph down the shoulder until we hit an exit several miles away. The next 2 hours were spent hanging out in a parking lot of a gas station waiting on the tire to get fixed. We didn't have a spare on us, which really slowed things down. Anyway, the boys thought it was a great adventure and I was super thankful to have thrown a stroller in the bed of the truck, so we took it in stride and were back on the road after a little bit.
Everyone was excited to be at the lake, and I was grateful we got there early before the crowds for the weekend and were able to enjoy calm water and not have to worry about any crazy people running us over:) Jace LOVES it and just grins (and drools) constantly.
We ended up spending two days on the water and got some good swimming and riding around in. It definitely got more crowded as the weekend progressed, so we packed up and headed home Sunday morning.
I love this picture of the boys passed out sleeping on the boat. Tyson is down on the floor wrapped up in a towel:) They didn't get the longest naps in, but at least they slept a bit when they could. One day we encountered a stranded boat with a family that couldn't get back to shore. They waved Silas down and we stopped to give them a tow. It took about 45 minutes to tow them in, but they were very grateful (they said lots of people saw them and just never stopped), so we were happy we could help.

Needless to say, Silas and I were exhausted after two days of driving, getting the boat in and out of the water each day, and taking care of the kids (taking a vacation with your kids is not really a vacation after all!!!), so we enjoyed a calm Sunday and rested up. Monday we headed over to a neighbor's house to grill out and swim with several families, and then I took Tyson to watch fireworks with a group of his friend's from church that evening. It was a long weekend and we have worked this week to settle back into our groove.
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Thursday, July 08, 2010


Just a few quick pictures of my cutie pie. Look how old he is looking! It blows my mind some days for sure.
Showing off on the top bunk of his bed.
Just the boys. Tyson got to watch fireworks on the 4th over at a friends house with some of his good buddies from church. They had a great time playing and watching:)
Tyson singing as usual. He was wearing his soccer shirt in honor of all of the World Cup games we have been watching the past month. I won't know what to do once it is over on Sunday and we have to go back to watching something else!! Tyson is growing up on me:)
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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Jace Walks!

I meant to officially call Jace on his walking last month, but I get a little busy with life sometimes and forget! So here it is....Jace is walking! He actually took his first steps at the end of 8 months old, and was fully walking by 9 months. He is now 10 months old and is getting much faster and can get around pretty quick when he needs to. Tyson didn't walk until right around his first birthday, so this all seems a little fast for me. I guess little brothers have to work hard to keep up with big brothers!
Do you know how hard it is to get a picture of a walking baby??
He had his 9 month check-up and the stats are in.
Weight- 22.7 pounds
Height- 28.5 inches

He weighs just a tad more than Tyson at this age, but only by about 3 ozs or so. He is outgrowing most 12 month clothes so he is wearing mostly 18 month stuff. His shorts still fit ok though, thank goodness since the 18 month stuff I have is for the fall and mostly pants.
This is the view a mama of a toddler sees most often throughout the day. I have a little crab constantly shuffling towards me and then hanging on to the hem of my pants/shorts most of the day:)
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