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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trying To Breathe

 Truth be told, I am struggling right now.  Some days it feels like I can't even breathe.  There are so many good things going on right now, but as you know, good stress is still stress!  It all started a few months back, when I mentioned some changes coming our way.  I was offered a job at a great company a while back, which I promptly declined.  But after talking with Silas and lots of thinking and praying, I decided to give it a shot.  Biggest problem...it is a full time job, and I haven't worked full time since having children.  I have worked a crazy part time schedule and juggled 3 and 4 part time jobs at a time so I could be home with my kids, and this full time thing is really throwing me for a loop.  Most days I feel like I can't even catch my breath, or I don't even know which way is up anymore.
 I pride myself on being a very efficient and organized individual, and for the past 6 weeks I just feel like I am turning in circles and not making any progress in any direction.  I don't like it one bit!  I cried when I got in my car Friday morning to leave for work, because some days it just hurts my heart so bad to have to pull my baby off my leg while he is crying and begging me to stay at home with him.  Tyson has seemed to handle the transition ok, but Jace is really having a hard time.  Which makes me have a VERY hard time.  I know all of this is just a really big change in our lives and that while it feels so slow and painful in the moment, we will all adjust to the new schedule and find our groove before we know it.  I have the boys registered to attend a private Christian pre-school full time starting in August and I know they will love it once they start.  They will  be busy and learning and making new friends and it won't be so hard for them.  That is what I am praying for anyway:)
 It would take forever to go into all the details of what has gone on in our lives over the past few months, but I know that this job opportunity was a blessing from God, and I have to keep reminding myself of that on the particularly hard days.  The Lord provides for us in ways we can't always understand and I know without a shadow of a doubt he is taking care of my family in so many ways.  Change is just hard sometimes, especially big change.  I feel out of control and scared at times, but I know those are just temporary feelings and all the important stuff is still the same.  I still get to spend hours every afternoon at home with my family and for the first time since having kids, Silas and I get to be at home together in the evenings and weekends instead of me leaving and working some crazy hours around the times he is home.  We are just working to find our groove right now and life continues full steam ahead around us.  I am getting a cleaning woman set up this week to start coming and help with the house, so I can spend the time I do have at home with the kids and not constantly working on the house and chores.  Silas has been wonderful as always helping with the kids and helping me adjust to my new role.  I love that guy:)  So that is what is going on with us right now.  Lots of big, good change.  Hard, but good change.  And do you see my cute new work clothes...SCRUBS!  I have always wanted a job where I could wear scrubs to work, and look what I got....my wish come true:)  I am still a social worker, but in scrubs!  I will actually talk about my new job later on, but for now just know that I love it and have some great co-workers:)  If you are a working mom and have any advice to give on how to juggle all of life's responsibilities I would love suggestions!  I would also appreciate any prayers for peace and comfort in my heart as I adjust to not being home with my kids every day.
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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Big Boy

 We have had a lot of new changes around our house this summer, and some have been easier than others.  We had a fabulous time hosting Cousin Camp at our house this year, which I still have yet to get around blogging about!  It was fabulous, fun and exhausting.  As soon as the family left town, we moved the boys back into the big bedroom together and they have been settling in.  Jace has been sleeping in a bed for a long time, but this is a whole new room for him, and he has had a bit of trouble adjusting.  He keeps waking up and saying he is scared, so we took a family trip to Lowes today and hope the newly installed night light up by his bed will keep him feeling safe and asleep!!  It's been worse than having a newborn around with how often this kid is in our room at night waking us up!
 Here is the big boy excited for his first night in his new room and bed.  Tyson has been really excited to officially move to the top bunk too and loves his room.  We have been working on potty training Jace and I will go ahead and officially call it a success:)  This is thanks mostly to my niece Hannah who is here for the summer helping me with the boys.  The best part is that he only napped in a diaper for about a week or two, and then we were able to keep him in underwear all day and dry.  We had been putting a diaper on at night, but after several nights of waking up dry we decided to go all in, and he hasn't had one single accident in his bed yet:)  Whoo hooo!  I was so ready to be done with diapers!  So this is my official Jace is potty trained post.  Not bad for a kid who isn't quite 3 years old yet.
 Does this kid look like he is ready for bed?!  He was so excited to be back in his "old" room and he just loved being on the top bunk.  They are so cute all snuggled in their beds at night once they finally settle down:)
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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Little T's First Tri

 My 4 year old completed his first triathlon a few weekends ago and it was awesome!  We have a local kids tri here in town and Tyson has been waiting for 2 years to be old enough to compete.  He was in the 5-6 year old age group, since he will be 5 by December 31st, and one of the youngest kids in the event.
He was so excited before the race. 
 Transition set up and ready to go.
 Tyson getting a little pre-race swim practice in.  He said his favorite part of the race was the swim.
The 5-6 year olds lined up for the time trial swim start. 
 Tyson coming out of the water.
 Running towards T-1 for the bike.
 Getting his gear for the bike leg.
 Riding that bike like a big boy:)
 Off the bike in T-2 and heading for the run.
 About to cross the finish line of his first official race!
 I am such a sap and seriously almost cried watching my boy cross that finish line.  I can't put into words how proud I am of him and his effort and excitement about the race.  Seeing the pure joy on my boy's face as he raced and was enjoying something I love made me so happy.  He is so proud of that medal and his race number and t-shirt like momma gets:) 
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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Loving the Lake

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