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Monday, April 28, 2008


Ok, so here are the pictures that were missing from the last post. Im pretty sure this is the order they went to go along with what I wrote about!!

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Friday, April 25, 2008

9 Months Old

My little man is 9 months old this week. Actually he turned 9 months on the 20th, so I'm just a few days behind. This is proving to be a very busy month for the little guy. He got his first tooth yesterday!! Finally:) I wouldn't have even known, but for the fact that I feel around on his gums everyday just to check things out. Lo and behold, there was a little sharp edge poking out when I felt around yesterday morning! You can't really see it yet, but hopefully I will get a picture of it soon. I am thinking he may get several here pretty quickly, since it took a while for them to start coming in. He hasn't been fussy or anything, which has been good. He has just been sleeping a lot, because I guess growing teeth is hard work!
We were able to take advantage of some nice weather this week and head to the park once Silas got home last night. Tyson had a great time swinging! He also loves watching other kids, and had a great time staring at the other children playing on the playground.
I told you he was a total ham for the camera!! I love how wide he opens his mouth when he starts to cheese it up:) He was so cute this week hanging out in his pj's and diaper. I think this was one of our rainy days this week.
The shirt says it all..."My parents are exhausted!" I loved this and thought it was totally appropriate for him to wear. He has actually calmed down somewhat from his crazy jumping all the time. I think he gets more energy out now that he can roll all over the room and move so much. Little man plays hard, but he sleeps hard too, which is nice. We went to Jonesboro on Tuesday this week so I could attend a training for work. Tyson was able to stay with a friend of ours that lives there, that we met while they were living in Searcy. He did super well and had a great day, even though he had never met them before! He had fun playing with their son Chase who was born the July before Ty. He took his naps well and everything, much to my relief. It worked out well since I was able to come home between the two sessions and feed him lunch and hang out for a little bit. I am hoping she will be able to watch him some this summer once we move, so I can work a little bit. I am going to be brave and enroll him for Mother's Day Out for the fall once school starts back. I am really hoping he does better this time around, so I can work on a more regular basis. I have to sign him up now though, so he will have a spot once we move.

Other than that, there is not too much else going on right now. We are in the lull before we have to start packing up the apartment for the move to the house. I can't believe I have to pack everything up again in just a few weeks! I think we are heading out to Texas here in the next week or two to go visit friends and family before we move. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and letting Ty get some time with his Texas cousins:)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Progress on the House

They are really doing a good job working on our house lately. Things change so much from week to week that it is always exciting to go out there and see what all has been done. I guess it works out well that I can only see it once every week or two, so there is always a lot to look at. Now it is bricked, roofed, drywalled, and mudded inside. They are prepping the walls for paint, and the trim guy should do his thing this coming week I believe. He is also doing all of the closet configurations, so we have had fun getting to design how we want our closet to be. We have a huge master closet...it is more like a small room!! It is 12 x 6 I think. Silas is leaving room for a gun safe on his side, and I have tons of shelves and hanging space. I am a dork about organization, and this is all very exciting for me!! We actually spent the day in Little Rock today, and went to a fabulous new place called the Container Store. It is everything you could ever dream of in the way of organizing every room of your house. We had a good time and didn't buy too much:) We are getting down to the finishing touches after this. We have all of our lights selected and just have to order them, and we are in the process of finalizing paint colors. This has been one of the hardest parts for me!!! We have most of them picked out, but are working on one for our master bedroom and living room. Tyson's room will be Alaskan blue, as well as the bathrooms, and the kitchen is going to be an earthy color called Ancient copper. I'm pretty nervous about how bold that will be, but am keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out well. The rest of the rooms will be pretty neutral shades of some type of tan/taupe or brown, but those are the ones we are still deciding on. Anyway, I can't wait for them to get the cabinets/counters in and the flooring. That is what I am looking forward to the most I think. We are still aiming for them to have it completed around the end of May, and hopefully that will be pretty realistic. They have done great to this point. Silas is working on picking out the landscaping and we are trying to get it worked out so we can get a pool. I just can't imagine not having one for this summer now that Ty is old enough to enjoy the water! We will most likely do another above ground pool, since we enjoyed our last one so much. We have actually found a better one though, that is even more reasonably priced, so that is good. The trick is trying to coordinate getting it installed at just the right time to not slow them down in sodding the yard and getting the fence up. I'm optimistic it will all work out though!! Things are going great and we are looking forward to being in the new place soon. There are many things I will not miss about apartment life for sure!! I will post more pictures as more details get completed, but enjoy these for now.
This is a view of our living room from the kitchen/dining room.
Vaulted ceiling and windows in the living room.
This is looking at the kitchen/dining room from the living room before the dry wall went up. You can see the stairs in the background that are off the foyer and lead to the upstairs bonus room and bathroom...I mean the man room!
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More pictures

Here are a few more pictures from this past weekend with my family. I love the look on both of their faces in this one!!! Silas was holding Ty up and tried to duck out of the picture:)
Here is Tyson with his Tennessee cousins, Kia (14) and Kaylee (2). Of course he only has one sock on.....he always only has one sock on!!!
This was my grandmother's first time to meet Ty...she wouldn't even look at the camera because she couldn't take her eyes off the little guy:)
Tyson and Aunt Caroline dancing:)
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Caroline's Baby Shower

This weekend we had a great time heading to Nashville to spend some time with my family. I never really realized how many girls there are, but we definitely outnumber the men by several!! This top picture from left to right is me, my niece Kia (14), sister Caroline, sister Renee, and mom. Renee will be adding another girl to the family in August (due on my birthday) and we are waiting to see what Caroline has in June:) I always forget how absolutely gorgeous Nashville and middle Tennessee is in the spring. The grass is so green and the flowers are stunning. I miss the hills so much too, and how beautiful it all is. It was good to go home, if only for a short time:) We had fun showering Caroline and baby with gifts, talking, and playing with each other's kids. Our family is quickly expanding and it is getting increasingly difficult to all go out to eat together!! We managed it twice though, which isn't bad, and didn't get kicked out of any restaurants either!!! Tyson did well for the most part. He was a trooper in the car and enjoyed getting to hang out with his cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents. He has not felt well this whole past week, but he did really good on the trip. It was so good to see everyone and hang out. Hopefully we will all be able to get together again soon.
My sister Renee and Tyson:)
The grandkids- Kia, Kaylee, and Tyson with my mom and dad
The Hensley girls- Caroline, Renee and Lauren

I have a lot of pictures to post from this trip, so I will keep them coming this week!!
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Totally Tyson

Here are my cute pictures of Tyson for the last week or so. This has been one of those weeks where I have been able to enjoy watching the little guy play and grow, and I have thought to myself......wow, I am so lucky to be his mom!!! He is just so stinking cute, and so much fun to play with! He is 8 1/2 months old now. He won't have a 9 month appointment for me to know his stats, but here are some new developments about him. He has gained some weight since he continues to eat like a horse!! Not sure of his real weight, but we are pretty sure it is over 20 pounds. With that being said, he has officially outgrown his infant car seat and graduated up to his "big boy car seat." It has been an adjustment for both of us, but we are getting used to it. I sure do miss being able to just click the seat into the base though. Anyway, he is up higher and can look out the window better, which he likes. I will be glad when he turns one and we can turn the seat around though, since its a little hard getting him in it rear facing. Little T still has no teeth (that may be changing this week though!), and is getting tired of baby food, so we are exploring the world of mushy table food. My good friend Kim also let us borrow her food grinder, so that should help. I made beef stew in the crock pot on Monday night and that boy ate a fair share of the cooked carrots and potatoes out of it!!! He loved them, and did really well picking up all the pieces off his tray by himself. He also tried some mac n cheese from Cracker Barrel last weekend, rolls, and more cooked carrots. He inhales it all:) I was eating a twizzler tonight and he kept reaching for it, so I handed it to him and he went to town on that thing. I let him chew it for a minute and then took it away so he wouldn't actually bite a piece off, and the poor kid's face just crumpled and he went to bawling the saddest little cry. I guess we will try again when its actually time for him to have some candy!! He may be cutting teeth too, as he has had a pretty tough week. He had a fever for a day and a half, and woke up constantly a few nights ago. He is drooling like a fountain and pulling on his mouth and rubbing his jaws all day. The biggest sign is that he is refusing to eat things he loves the past day or two. He will put things in his mouth and then start crying when he chews. Bless his little heart! It is so sad to watch, and I hope to see some little pearly whites soon so my kiddo can get to feeling better:) I will keep you updated.

This was taken while we were eating dinner at Cracker Barrel this past weekend in Jonesboro. I loved the wooden high chair, and Ty did great eating at the table:)
A friend passed along all her sons clothes from last summer (totally awesome!!), so Ty now has tons of great summer stuff. This was a favorite of mine, and he got a lot of comments on it when he wore it to MOPS on Tuesday:) It says "Chicks Dig Me" if you can't see it.
This is a random picture, but it is on here just to prove that he really does have hair!!! It never shows up well from the front, but its there and this is the proof!! We are heading to Nashville this weekend for my little sister's baby shower, so I will post pictures from that soon. We also have some new ones of the house, and those will be posted next week as well. They started the brick this week and should be done tomorrow I believe!!
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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's a Girl!!!

So there you have it. My older sister Renee' found out on Thursday last week that she is having her 4th girl!! I can't believe it!! So that makes two girl cousins being born to Tyson this summer. Only one chance left that he will get a boy cousin out of this round of babies in our family this year!! I guess we will all just have to wait and see what Caroline has in June:) The crazy part about my sister having another girl is that no where in my family does anyone have both genders in their family. My dad is the only one who has sisters. Everyone else had all children of the same sex. And now my sister goes and does the same thing! It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in my family with our generation of children. Tyson may be destined to have all brothers, who knows?!?!?

Oh yeah, this is just a random cute picture of Ty hanging out in his fuzzy brown bear pants. He was showing off his cute little bear paw feet for the camera:)
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