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Monday, October 28, 2013

Catching Up/Family of 5

 I randomly decided to try and get my camera to work with the computer tonight and it did!!  What a nice surprise after many failed attempts to update the blog with pictures after all these months!  Anyway, lots of catching up to do!  Here are a few random pregnancy pictures.  I didn't take many, and really have no idea how far along I was in each one, but at least I got a few.  They are usually taken on Sundays before church:)
 I felt pretty good for the few middle months, and then it got really hot this summer and I got bigger and bigger and it really slowed me down.
 Let's see, the birth story in a nutshell.  My due date was September 26th and I drug myself along at work until about the middle of September.  Then I just got too tired and unmotivated to work anymore and decided to start my maternity leave the week  before I was due.  I was scheduled to be induced a day or so before my due date which I was happy about.  The local fair was in town the week before and I really wanted to take the boys and go as a family, but it was so hot and I finally decided it would be best for me to sit this year out.  Silas took the boys and they had a great time.  Then on Thursday after school I took the boys to the dentist to get their teeth cleaned and get some last minute chores out of the way before the baby came.  On Friday night we decided to pick up some dinner and rent a movie and have a quiet night at home.  Silas took the boys into the movie store and I stayed in the car.  Well, to pass the time I played on my phone and ended up on a really funny website of auto correct on people's phones when texting has gone horribly wrong.  It was the funniest thing ever and I literally laughed out loud until my sides were hurting and I couldn't breathe for about 20 minutes.  I think it may have put me into labor!!  We enjoyed our night and then went to bed.  About 2 am my water broke.  It was not nearly as noticeable as when it broke with Tyson, so at first I wasn't even sure about it.  I went to the bathroom and then tried to go back to bed.  I tried to tell Silas I thought my water broke but he wouldn't really wake up and just told me to go back to bed!!  I tried to lay down a while but finally decided to get up and take a shower and see if my contractions progressed.  After my shower I decided my water really had broken and told Silas to get out of bed and take me to the hospital!!  That got him moving.  We called our friends at 3am and met them at the hospital so they could take our big boys for us.  That was a lifesaver since we have no family in town!!  Everything was pretty easy from there.  It was probably my easiest labor and delivery of the 3.  My contractions still did not progress so they started the pitocin to help me along.  When things picked up I asked for the epidural and got it right when the contractions were getting really bad.  I sure hate that pitocin but always have to have it:(  Anyway, after that I just rested and waited.  My nurse was super nice.   She told me that the Razorback game started around 3:30pm and we needed to have this baby by then so we could watch the game!  It was a plan!  I progressed pretty well from there and told the nurse when I was ready to push.  My doctor happened to be the one on call that weekend which worked out perfectly:)  I pushed through 2 contractions and there he was:) 
 Knox Eli Orbison was born September 21, 2013 weighing in at 8 lbs 7 ozs (our biggest baby) and 20.5 inches long.  His big brothers are incredibly proud and just cannot get enough of him!! We stayed in the hospital one night and were back home on Sunday late afternoon. 
 Then life went back to normal on Monday morning.  Silas went back to work and the boys went to school like usual.  It was a crazy weekend and now we are adjusting to being a family of 5.
 I can't believe he is already 5 weeks old and growing like a weed.  I will update more soon as I have lots of catching up to do! 
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