/> SLO in Arkansas: January 2007

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Watch Me Grow!

Well, Im getting dangerously close to not fitting into my regular clothes anymore. Ok, Im not really fitting into them! Anyway, the beginning of my second trimester has definitely brought on some noticeable changes in my shape, and it is a little unnerving at times. Some days I feel like my old self, some days I feel like my stomach sticks out 3 feet in front of me!(Yes, I know that statement will be true in the future!!) Since the growing part of pregnancy is fascinating to me and there is nothing I can do to stop it, I thought I would start to take my monthly pictures and document my "progress". There should be a picture up soon for everyone to enjoy. Hope you all enjoy my expansion:)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Boy or Girl?

I'm pregnant! I feel like I have been waiting a long time to finally write that:) Silas and I are very excited about this baby, and can't wait for July to roll around so we finally get to meet him/her! I haven't been feeling the greatest lately, but I guess that's just part of it. Hopefully it will go away soon and I will get my energy back. I am definitely ready for the "feel good" part of pregnancy:)
So once we started telling people, the advice has just come rolling in! The majority of it is greatly appreciated, some of it, not so much! I have really enjoyed hearing everyone's stories and memories from their pregnancies, as long as they dont freak me out!! I worry way to much anyway, so it does not help to hear the trauma stories. This has definitely been an interesting experience so far, being my first pregnancy and not knowing what to expect. I have wonderful friends and family who have really encouraged me along the way though.
My pregnancy has sparked some interesting conversations at work, so I thought I would throw a few of them out there for anyone to respond to if they want.
1) Do you want to find out what sex it is before it's born?
My answer....yes! Im way to anal not to know:)
2) Have you done any home tests to see what sex it is? (I guess like the Drano test and whatnot)
My answer....no, at least not yet. I figure it might be fun to see if these things really work though!!
3) Do you have any feelings one way or the other on what sex it is?
My answer.....NO. This is the part that is interesting to me. Several different people at different times have told me they think they know what Im having even before talking to me and asking what I want. It kind of weirds me out, but at the same time, who knows. So my big question is, what do you think we will have??? Im just interested to see what "feelings" people are having, and if they go along with what the others have already said!! I would also like to know of any other home tests to determine the sex that I might try just for fun too, and if it worked for you!
Thank you to all those out there loving us and supporting us on this amazing journey. We truly appreciate every thought, prayer, email, and funny story we have received so far. And the maternity clothes!!