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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pre-School Graduation

 I am totally months behind but here is a quick attempt to catch up on a few major events that have happened during this past year.  In May the boys graduated from their Pre-K classes.  Tyson was in the 4 year old room and Jace was in the 3 year old room.  They had a super cute program where the kids sang songs for the parents and then the teachers gave out awards.  Jace got the Pinwheel Award, for his "colorful and fun personality."  He was so proud of that pinwheel and it lived in our yard all summer long!!
 Tyson and his teacher, Mrs. Blake.  She was super sweet and Tyson had a great year in her class.  It was her first year teaching and we loved her enthusiasm and excitement:)  Tyson got the Presidential Award, for his leadership qualities in class throughout the year.  I am so proud of both the boys and how well they have done in school:)
Jace's class picture. 
Tyson's class picture. 
The boys singing during the program. 
 After the program we were invited to a swimming party at the house of two of the boys in Tyson's class.  They are actually twins;)  Anyway, they live on an amazing "estate" and this is their indoor pool which is a perfect temperature all the time!  It was amazing!  They had lunch and cake and all kinds of snacks and fun for the boys, and it was a great way to end the school year and kick off the summer:)
 Tyson and his friend from school loved the snorkels:)
Jace hanging out in the hot tub:) 
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